The Weekender: October 12

It has been one of those weeks that flew by in such a blur I honestly don’t even remember taking any exams this week. I don’t know if that’s good or bad either. Only the scores will tell I suppose, haha. What else has happened? The government is still taking a little inexcusable nap, people either really seem to love or really, really hate Gravity, and I bought some grey nail polish. I’m not sure about this trend yet, but I’m giving it a try. Not that anyone needs to know that….so here’s your weekly dose of internet happenings:

  • From Fast Company: An interesting read about What Multitasking Does To Your Brain
  • Breaking Bad (Possible Spoilers): There’s going to be a funeral for Walter White benefitting charity.
  • File Under “I didn’t even know I wanted this, but now I have it” News: Are you drinking? Are you mad at Congress? Go ahead and drunk dial them and tell them how you really feel. It’s probably better than calling your ex right?
  • Love it or hate it?: Facebook apparently has company apartments to make working at Facebook even better.
  • This is cool: How do they film those beautiful Top Gear car review segments? Wired let’s us in on the secret.
  • Be still my heart: Cameron Crowe is working on a romantic comedy with Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, and Jay Baruchel?
  • Buzzfeed of the Week: Did you happen to see Glee’s tearful goodbye to Corey Monteith? Buzzfeed will help you relive those feels.
  • 90s Nostalgia Overdose: Thanks to Hello Giggles we can discuss the Tamagotchi and what happened to the cast of Salute Your Shorts. If I couldn’t keep a Tamagotchi alive how am I expected to keep a living, breathing tiny human alive as an adult? At least the Tamagotchi would beep when it was hungry…
  • Shameless Self Promotion: New Girl review over at Screen Spy. Check out what I thought of The Captain.

Well, I’ve got some baking to do before the preschool themed party I’m attending tonight. That should be interesting, right? I sure hope so. I was pretty awesome in preschool so this should be a good time. Have a great weekend. Catch you the flip side. I promise more interesting things to come in the next couple days when life isn’t a giant blur of sleep and coffee.

Featured image as always via Tumblr