The Weekender: October 5th

Another week of 2013 is coming to an end. I can’t believe it’s October already. I guess when you’re younger time feels like it moves much more slowly than when you’re an adult. It’s probably those six hours spent sitting in a desk hating fractions and long division that make it feel so much longer. It’s been a bit strange to go from busy busy busy to having some free time this week. Such a rare occurrence for me but it gave me time to watch my Dodgers in the MLB post season! Sad loss to the Braves yesterday afternoon, but we will pretend that didn’t happen. Let’s see what else happened this week? The government decided to hit pause, Breaking Bad ended, twerking is still a thing, and the very first cancelled television show for 2013 is Lucky 7. Here’s some more cool things happening around the internet this week:

  • So the government is shut down, but fear not NBC has a list of things you can and can’t do during the shut down. You have no idea how bad you want to go to a national park when they say you can’t…
  • Buzzfeed of the Week: 101 PUMPKIN RECIPES
  • This is Cool: With Book you can turn your Paper sketches into a custom Moleskin
  • Round of Applause: for Marina Shifrin who quit her job via a video set to Gone by Kanye West
  • Well this is happening: Sinead O’Connor has beef with Miley Cyrus
  • CLOONEY: GQ has George Clooney’s hair evolution on display.
  • MMMaking This: Grown Up Grilled Cheese from A Cup of Jo. Reminds me of the grilled cheese sammies my dad used to make.
  • Who knew: Meticulous research developed the Trapper Keeper? Maybe that’s why they were outlawed by all schools in 1995?
  • In “something I never even knew I wanted but now I get” news: One Direction will have 1D Day. A 7 hour live stream celebration of themselves in November. If they think people are crazy enough to sit in front of a computer for 7 hours…they would be right.
  • MAY CONTAIN BREAKING BAD SPOILERS: Breaking Bad fans placed an obituary for Walter White in an Albuquerque Newspaper. I think it’s awesome, but some people obviously did not agree.
  • So you’re a millenial, eh? Well Vulture has the perfect list for all of us. Behold the 100 Pop Culture Things That Make You a Millenial. 50% of this list is awesome.
  • Shameless Plugs: New Girl article Double Date is up now & I shared a new playlist, Paris, Mon Amour, earlier this week if you need some cool French tunes for your weekend. I’m also working on a bunch of Halloween/Horror themed things for TVEA for the coming weeks. So get excited for that.

Enjoy the weekend. Catch ya’ll on the flip side.

Featured Image, as always, via Tumblr