The Weekender: September 21

Oh, weekend, we meet again. Unfortunately, this weekend will not be relaxing. I don’t even think I have a spare second to be doing this, but it’s happening so let’s just roll with it. A lot has happened this week. iOS7 came out and it’s beautiful. My favorite part of the release was everyone around me freaking out about it. Apparently, no one researches, pays attention, or has a design boners like myself, but alright. I’m still discovering things about it, but overall I’m pleased by it. There’s a new 5S out, but everyone knows about that. Grand Theft Auto was released (and made a million trillion dollars) which was apparent to anyone with social media, a camera, and a box. Seriously, I guess they wouldn’t let you buy the game unless you promised to immediately take a picture of the case, and then fall off the face of the Earth for the next 15 hours. Now that we’ve covered that, let’s talk about some other fun stuff from the internet this week.

  • New Music: Justin Timberlake’s new 7 minute tune, TKO is out. Here’s to hoping the 20/20 Experience Part 2 is better than part 1.
  • Big Brother contestants (finally) learned they were fired for racist comments. Was it just me or was this a terrible season? 
  • Buzzfeed Article of the Week: 22 Mouth Watering Ways to Eat an Oreo. BRB trying some of these. Say cookie…
  • Ian Curtis’ writings are being collected for a new book which I must own.
  • It’s Science: Naps are actually good for you. Finally, an excuse to sleep off my daily caffeine crashes.
  • Because best friend dates are the best, Lauren Conrad has ten ideas for said occassion. I’ll take a hard pass on the hiking, sorry.
  • Sports…yes sports!: My Los Angeles Dodgers won the West this week after coming behind from last place in the beginning. Unfortunately, there was some contoversy surrounding them celebrating in the Diamondbacks’ pool. Let’s be honest, it’s not disrespectful and it’s stupid, in my opinion, the Diamondbacks have a pool in the first place.
  • Really?: According to this article from Fast Company, these little wooden spaces are the dorms of the future. I suppose that is cool…if you love splinters.
  • Shameless Plug: Surprise! I’m the New Girl writer for Screen Spy and you can read my thoughts on the season 3 premiere, Straight Trippin’ now. I’m pretty excited about this opportunity, guys so read it and make me feel awesome.

Well, it’s time to move on to that mountain of a to-do list. Just give me a pumpkin spice latte and let me be on my merry way. Have a good weekend, ya’ll. See you in the fall…which starts tomorrow…already? 

Featured image via Tumblr