The (Super Sized) Weekender

This week has been a short but fast paced one. Thanks a lot, Labor Day. Fashion Week is happening, and I’ve seen enough Instagrams of taxi cabs. Football is back! It’s ready to take over for the next 5 months. The NFL and college football are both huge parts of my fall so I am very excited. Except Peyton Manning’s 7 touchdown passes. What is up with that….? Can he not do that? My least favorite part about football season is the stigma that I’m a girl. And because I’m a girl, I know nothing of what I’m speaking of. I won’t begin a rant on this because their iditotic opinions don’t really matter. Oh and their teams of choice are terrible.

Enough about that. It’s time to share some really cool things from the internet this week. Somehow, like last week, a strange theme began developing.

  • Samsung revealed their new smartwatch. Yes, a smartwatch. It’s capable of sending messages, receiving e-mail, share pictures, and use apps. We can all be James Bond for the low, low price of $299 this holiday season.
  • Schools beginning to phase out teaching kids cursive? Sure, keyboards are more common now then they were years ago, but if I had to suffer through cursive in 3rd grade they should too. I still don’t even use cursive today, and it’s probably because they made it such a horrendous learning experience for an 8 year old.
  • Sauvignon-Blanc flavored popcorn? Yes, it’s a thing. Kim Crawford wines have created a Sauvignon-Blanc flavored kettle corn. First popsicles now kettle corn?
  • Speaking of the NFL, Cover Girl has created a line of team inspired nail polishes. Making matching your nail polish to your team even easier.
  • It’s Cassette Store Day. Something I wasn’t even sure was needed until I read this op-ed by Nick Sylvester. It really makes me reconsider what tapes I used to buy during my youth.
  • This is apparently a thing: Cheddar Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • A whole new series of cast pictures from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire have been released. There’s so much I can say…but I won’t.
  • Campbell’s is going to begin making K-Cups for….soup? It’s actually a pretty good idea, but this article mentions something I never knew existed: taco waffles?
  • OH. MY. GOD. Arcade Fire released a trailer for Reflektor and I couldn’t be more excited. Is it Monday yet?
  • I am loving this TED Radio Hour about The Next Greatest Generation. I obsessed with my generation and our interactions with the internet and finding ourselves in a new landscape that hasn’t been available to explore before. “The minute you have a handle on things there’s a whole world around you that’s also changing while you are, so things are different. And you have to readjust. You have to figure out new things.” – Tavi GevinsonĀ 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Featured image: Japanese Iced Coffee from Kinfolk