Month: September 2013



So, it’s the final day of September. When the hell did that happen? I’ve taken a couple days off now to re-coop after the insanity that was last week. These are a few of the things I’ve spent my time with. I stumbled upon the recipe for Peeta’s cheese buns just by chance. With Catching Fire being so close I can almost taste it, okay maybe not that close, I might actually try to make these. It seems very daunting, but why not? I finally got to catch up on a month’s worth of Million Dollar Listing. I guess you could say it’s a guilty pleasure of mine that comes along every summer. I really loved this quote I saw on Pinterest. The thing is, sometimes people come into your life who are so toxic they start to spew their toxicity on to you and blame you for everything. I have a hard time accepting people who do that, and I finally learned it’s okay to walk away from them. There’s no point having people who tear your happiness away to bring you down to their level. We all make our own choices, and those choices, for the most part, aren’t other people’s fault. Especially when they go wrong. So why blame people and take things out on them. You can’t always be right. It’s time to figure out what is more important to you in life. Right now, I’m choosing happiness. 

Links: Peeta’s Stuffed Cheese Buns / Quote


The Weekender: September 28 (& Happy 400th!)

According to the handy dandy WordPress post counter this is my 400th post, guys! Why am I mentioning this instead of at 500? Honestly, I’m just a little amazed I made it to 400 posts in the first place. I do love blogging. Maybe a little more than I actually should, but it chose me so it’s happening. So here’s to 100 more posts.

This week was pretty great as far as news goes. Filibusters are still all the rage. I wonder if the Founding Fathers knew this would take the country by storm when they thought this idea up? But, there was lots of other news happening and this is just some of the things I found interesting:

  • Cover Song: Miley Cyrus (apparently) has a song called Wrecking Ball which Haim recently covered on BBC Radio 1. I haven’t heard the original, but I’m betting this version is better.
  • WTF: Diet Coke is releasing a special line of skinny Taylor Swift Cans. I don’t have a problem with the cans being skinny despite sending, as the article shares, mixed messages to teens. What I do have a problem with is the fact these cans are even being made? As if the t-shirt contest and annoying commercial weren’t bad enough.
  • Can Jennifer Lawrence’s not so secret cameo in the Dumb and Dumber sequel save it from being a horrible idea?
  • Movin’ On Up: Guys, we can edit typos in our Facebook statuses now. Well that is…if you have an Android.
  • Arcade Fire Roundup: Arcade Fire is the musical guest on tonight’s season premiere of SNL. After the show there will be a concert special airing on NBC. Also, how cute are  Arcade Fire as Peanuts characters?
  • Attention Everyone: Don’t leave your laptop plugged in. Now if only we could do something about my pesky phone battery draining faster than sands through the hourglass during the introduction of Days of Our Lives.
  • Hold the phone: Catching Fire’s soundtrack listing has been released. I must admit I’m questioning it, but I will give it a fair chance. I do love the National, The Lumineers, and Patti Smith so only time will tell. PS- Tickets for Catching Fire go on sale October 1st.
  • Can we not: McDonald’s is going to start offering vegetables? Honestly, if I’m eating at McDonald’s I’m already not making the most stable, healthy life choice. No amount of vegetables on the menu is going to change that. Besides, french fries ARE my favorite vegetable.
  • The Most Important News of the Week: Kanye West went HAM on Jimmy Kimmel via Twitter. And in that moment I swore I couldn’t love social media anymore than I already do. But then celebrities like Josh Groban and Zach Braff got involved, and my favorite hashtag of all time became #nodisrespecttobenaffleck. See more celebrity reactions @ The Hollywood Reporter
  • Shameless Self Promotion: It’s episode two of New Girl’s third season and you can see what I thought of it over at Screen Spy & find out my favorite episodes of MTV’s Daria here on the blog. Lastly, the Current Rotation playlist is now on Spotify! Mainly for my own benefit, but also for the benefit of others who’d like to get up to the minute updates of songs I currently love far more than I should. Enjoy.

There you have it. An expanded Weekender filled with all the information you should know this weekend. Now go out and impress your friends with your knowledge of Diet Coke cans and vegetables. And remember, #nodisrespecttobenaffleck.

Featured image (as always) via Tumblr

(Super Sized) 5 Things: Daria Episodes

A while back I made a post about my five favorite things about the classic MTV television show Daria. Subsequently I’ve been doing top 5 lists of television shows since then per requests from lovely readers like you. I have such a great list going thanks to you guys so keep the ideas coming. For now I’m going to revisit Daria, but this time specifically my favorite episodes of the show.

Daria aired on MTV from 1997 to 2001, and in five short seasons changed cartoons forever. Daria was smart and sarcastic, and there really wasn’t anything not to love about the show. Unfortunately, MTV stopped caring about the quality of their television programs, and, well, music in general after this time period. Boy bands and bad hip-hop moved in. Shows with actual reality and good music moved out. So let’s revisit some of Daria’s best episodes.

Cafe Disaffecto | Season 1, Episode 5 | Air Date: March 24, 1997

Plot: The internet cafe in Lawndale has been vandalized. So, Mr. O’Neil thinks it will be a good idea for the class to raise money for the cafe by selling items door to door. Daria and Jane are punished for refusing to sell candy to an obese woman.

Why: First of all, the internet cafe was still a thing. A popular thing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the existence of an internet cafe other than on Daria and maybe Lizzie McGuire. The rest of us normal people just take over tables at Starbucks for 7 hours milking that overpriced latte and judging “that guy” for writing his screenplay. Naturally it’s easy to see why the kids of Lawndale High didn’t really care about selling wrapping paper to fix up the internet cafe. Even more so since they would have to also perform there for some reason? I’m sure Mr. O’Neil means well but he’s literally the most annoying teacher of all time. When they have to sell door to door they are each selling different products, but not like those cool wrapping paper catalogues we would have to sell from with the cool tins of chocolates and stuff old people collect. They are selling wrapping paper, chocolate bars, and calling cards. Quinn, whose not even in this class, is suddenly selling calling cards to raise money for something she isn’t even involved in, but the guy is totally buying it hook, line, and sinker. Daria and Jane stumble upon an obese woman who wants to buy all their candy bars. She (literally) almost dies in front of them, but she’s determined to get that candy. So much so she turns them into the principal for not selling to her which is entirely normal to do to two high school children. What’s even stranger is she actually appears again in a later episode…trying to buy chocolate from a wholesale store. One thing is for sure, she really is dedicated to her health.

Malled | Season 1, Episode 6 | Air Date: March 31, 1997

Plot: Daria’s class takes a field trip to the mall to learn some good old-fashioned “mall economics.” The journey there turns out to be just as miserable as expected, and Daria gets sick. Once at the mall, the students are tricked into taking part in a focus group for the mall and paid off with coupons to various stores. Daria becomes the unfortunate record-setting shopper at the Doo Dads shop, and wants desperately to leave. She runs into Quinn who is ditching school, and blackmails her into giving her a ride home.

Why: Mall economics is my favorite kind of economics so it’s really no surprise I would choose this. Actually, I didn’t even consider mall economics an actual thing until I saw this episode. I just thought it fit into normal every day economics but what the heck do I know? The Mall of the Millennium seems an awful lot like the Mall of America that opened around this time in the 90s. You know a really cool consumer driven place with too many levels, too many stores, a giant food court, and an indoor rollercoaster. You know for all those times you were at the mall and like “damn, you know what I could use right now? A mother f-ing rollercoaster ride!” Quinn and the rest of the fashion club bribe the most unfortunate looking man for a ride all the way to this mall. Where they even found that dude and why he was willing to drive these vapid girls to the mall is beyond me. Also what the hell is a “doo dad” and why does it even have its own store? You mean to tell me thousands of customers actually went in that store and Daria just happened to be the lucky one to get the prize? More like , “Wow! Do you think we can get four teenagers to come into this store for weird items called doo dads? We should definitely give the 4th unsuspecting teenager a prize.” Alright….whatever you say.

Pierce Me | Season 2, Episode 12 | Air Date: July 27, 1998

Plot: Jane’s birthday is coming up and Trent doesn’t want to get her any more art supplies. He enlists the help of Daria and the two spend the afternoon together trying to find the perfect present. At the piercing parlor they are having a special so Daria agrees to get her belly button pierced. Meanwhile, Quinn and Helen are taking part in a mother/daughter fashion show at school.

Why: I’ve already mentioned my love of Trent in a previous post on Daria, so I will try to refrain from rehashing any of those ideas. I think the main reason I like this episode so much is because of Daria. She gets a piercing because of Trent. She doesn’t want to seem chicken, she gets upset when Trent is doting all over his former band mate, but as soon as he mentions she’s the coolest high school girl he knows suddenly she is at ease. Even more at easy when he holds her hand. I hate to be serious here for a second, but it really felt like despite her sarcastic exterior and essentially dead inside personality, Daria was a human being capable of emotion even for just a millisecond. She was crushing on Trent something even Jane couldn’t deny knowing. Daria did something stupid for a boy. Something most of us do half the time because it happens and we don’t realize how stupid it was until later on. Trent, who can’t go in bookstores for some strange reason, ends up writing a song for Jane as a present. Seems like a great present because Mystik Spiral (they’re changing the name) is the greatest band of all time. Really all she wants is art supplies which Daria ends up getting for her. The fashion show Helen and Quinn are participating in is a complete disaster, but what mother daughter fashion show wouldn’t be a disaster? One of those fashion club members just hires a model to be her mother and everyone knows it. The moral of the story: don’t get piercings for boys you have a crush on, don’t participate in annoying mother-daughter fashion shows, and most importantly, if your crush asks you to help him get his sister a birthday present, just get the art supplies.

Jane’s Addiction | Season 3, Episode 13 | Air Date: August 18, 1999

Plot: Daria and Jane are assigned a multimedia project by Mr. O’Neil. They decide to include an original music composition in their project and ask the most talent musician they know, Trent. At the Mystik Spiral gig where they plan to ask Trent for help, Jane meets a boy named Tom. Jane begins spending more time with Tom making Daria nervous for their friendship and their project. Trent doesn’t deliver the music for the project on time, and Daria comes to the realization her and Trent could never work.

Why: Computers were becoming a big deal which is why the multimedia project makes me laugh so much. It’s also still so true despite the fact most of us are fluent computer users now. Colleges still make us all take a computer science class where they teach us how to make a Word document and a multimedia project. Anyway, that’s beside the point. The point here is computers weren’t just used for Oregon Trail or learning to type in the 90s, guys. It was pretty much a big deal. Not only was the project a big deal, but Jane got a boyfriend much to Daria’s dismay. Although I’m not sure why she was so upset. She did get to spend more time with Trent. Actually, that was probably the nail in their coffin. She realized he really is lazy and unreliable. Daria is so rude to Tom it’s actually comical. Oh, and the multimedia projects are mind-blowing.

Mart of Darkness | Season 5, Episode 9 | Air Date: July 5, 2000

Plot: There’s a new wholesale store in Lawndale, and it has something everyone needs. Jane needs to get more gummy bears after Tom accidentally ate them. Daria needs a new shoelace after Quinn stole hers to fix her purse. Kevin and Brittany are sent to pick up BBQ sauce for Kevin’s BBQ, but end up getting so much more. Tom, Trent, and Trent’s band mate attempt to find Jane, get a new headlight, and some scented candles. Quinn and the fashion club need sunscreen. And Mr. DeMartino….well he loves free samples.

Why: I love Costco so for Daria to touch on the subject is great. Oh the amount of  Saturday mornings I was dragged to Costco for hours while my parents purchased large quantities of food and other items in exchange for a hot dog and whatever free samples they had. To be frank, I don’t even eat the samples anymore. That’s a lie. Last time they gave me a whole popsicle and it was pretty awesome. BUT anyway, each little pair has a mission they must complete at the wholesale store. Finding gummy bears, shoelaces, headlights, and any other items shouldn’t be that hard? Except wholesale stores are like black holes for wallets and afternoons. They suck them in and won’t let them ago until you’re questioning your life. The woman giving out the Cheez-Log samples always made me chuckle. She would say just about anything to get people to eat some damn cheez logs. In reality cheez logs would probably be really, really gross. But at wholesale stores all bets are off. That’s probably the reason Mr. DeMartino gets kicked out of the store for fighting with that obese woman I mentioned before over the samples. I was honestly surprised when she showed up again. Not only did she love chocolate, which she asked Daria + Jane to give her once again, but she loved samples of deep-fried cheese. This woman clearly cares about her health. When everyone finally finds what they need, they see the glimpse into hell all of us see at the end of a long day at Costco: the check out line. You know what I’m talking about, that check out line that’s about 5 hours of extended punishment for buying a six month supply of Flinstone’s Chewables and chocolate covered blueberries.Well, when these lucky patrons go to pay for their items, the power goes out leaving them in complete darkness. I’m sure there’s some kind of social commentary here about mass consumption and consumerism, but let’s be honest: Costco is pretty damn amazing.

Boxing Daria | Season 5, Episode 13 | Air Date: June 25, 2001

Plot: Daria recalls memories from her childhood when she finds the box from their new refrigerator in the backyard. She can remember her parents fighting over her anti-social behavior, and it leads her to become upset. Mr. O’Neil requests Daria show some 8th graders what high school will be like for them when they join 9th grade. After a series of events, and great reluctance, she agrees.

Why: This episode really hits home for anti-social behavior. It’s not that people can be anti-social. It’s more like there’s so many better things out there than pretending to care about someone’s lunch or story about how they breathe air in  public places and “oh my god the funniest thing happened!” Sometimes it’s just easier to read. I really enjoyed seeing a glimpse of Daria’s anti-social childhood. I thought it was great when her parents acknowledged it was because she was smarter than the other kids and she didn’t have to talk to them. She was an individual but it upset them at the time. I wouldn’t go as far as to live in a cardboard box in the backyard to avoid a regressive meltdown, but Daria’s right: maybe if it had high-speed internet. Another surprising twist: Daria is dating Tom now. A fact I never quite got over. That’s just a thing that happened and it was totally cool with all the parties involved. Not only was she dating Tom, but she seemed like a different person towards the end of the episode. At the beginning she’s closed off, sarcastic, and strong, but towards the end she’s upset and showing emotion. Something even strong, stubborn, seemingly emotionless people do sometimes. Seeing Daria go through something without necessarily cracking a sarcastic line was most interesting to me, and that’s why I like this episode so much. In the end, Daria and Jane lead the 8th graders around Lawndale High to show them what they are in for. There couldn’t be two better people to host that tour.

Season 5 led into the movie Is It College Yet? which officially ended Daria for good. I still wish to this day they had more, but I’m not sure it would work with them being in their thirties now. It would probably just be awkward and weird. It’s always hard to explain what I love about Daria so much. It usually just ends up being an in-depth relatable character analysis which I will refrain from getting into any deeper here.

Do you have a favorite episode of Daria? Is there another topic you’d like to see here in my top 5 list? Let me know in the comments/an email/carrier pigeon/message in a bottle etc

Current Rotation: September


It’s been awhile since I’ve shared what is in near constant rotation in my headphones, so why not talk about it now? There have been quite a few new releases that have caught my ears as of late. Particularly CHVRCHES debut album which was recently named Best New Music by Pitchfork. Don’t believe them? Well, believe me instead. It’s a damn good debut. Volcano Choir lit up my iPod for a couple of weeks straight, but I won’t fan girl all over that beautiful album just to avoid making up words to describe it.

Arcade Fire released their single Reflektor and I, honestly will admit, I did not like it at first. Anyone who knows me knows I love Arcade Fire. They could release an entire album of  lullabies for children in pig latin and I’d probably be stoked. But Reflektor had to grow on me. It just really made me want to go to a disco and take over the dance floor with a pre-choreographed routine like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. I really wasn’t sure how to feel about that either. Right now I’m currently in the state of “I don’t hate it, but I don’t absolutely love it.” I’m just glad it has progressed from “ugh why is this even happening?”

Haim has been picking up speed in my rotation. I really love The Wire. It is such a catchy, great tune. The video is hilarious. Their new album, Days are Gone, is currently streaming on NPR First Listen which you can check out here. It’s definitely worth the time.

Lastly I’ve been listening to the new tune by Best Coast. A tune I didn’t even know existed until this week, but I like it. It’s a bit different. As always Joy Division because sometimes I just want to lay around doing nothing, drinking coffee, and  listening to Unknown Pleasures. After finishing a whirlwind week of exams, papers, baking, cooking, and cleaning that’s all I want to do.

Not only have I been listening to these songs and albums, I’ve been trying out iTunes radio. I was a little skeptical of it, and considering the stations it currently recommends I check out, I’m still slightly skeptical. One thing it does have going for it, is the Yacht Rock station. It’s the most convenient way for me to listen to Hall & Oates, The Doobie Brothers, and other smooth 70s tunes all in one place. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? Searching for one particular artist is also bothersome. Only because choosing one band brings tons of other artists technically in the same genre but who aren’t quite at the same level of greatness as the original artist. The station starts out on a high and just goes south so quickly.  There’s some pretty groovy classic rock stations on there, but it’s hard not to get annoyed with their featured stations in the top bar. No, I don’t want to listen to Katy Perry radio. Based on my taste, why would that even be a thing I would do? I can’t say I hate iTunes Radio because, honestly, I haven’t used it all that much. It exists if I want to, and for now that’s all it is.

As always you can check out what is in Current Rotation in my playlist on Rdio. I really should put it on Spotify, but I just haven’t. 

Currently Coveting: Tees + Sweaters

coveting1Fall is technically here and that means time to start wishing and hoping for an entirely new wardrobe. I’m still all about the jumpers, but I thought I’d throw some pretty cool graphic tees in there for good measure. There’s something to be said about a good graphic tee except I’m not really sure what that is. I just know sometimes I like them.

Currently Coveting: USC Graphic Tee / Crop It Like It’s Hot: The Unrefinery / Elbow Patch Sweater: J. Crew / Fox Crew Neck Sweater: Old Navy / Ian Curtis Joy Division Tee / Serge + Jane Graphic Tee: Need Supply Co / Bien Fait Sweatshirt: Madwell

The Weekender: September 21

Oh, weekend, we meet again. Unfortunately, this weekend will not be relaxing. I don’t even think I have a spare second to be doing this, but it’s happening so let’s just roll with it. A lot has happened this week. iOS7 came out and it’s beautiful. My favorite part of the release was everyone around me freaking out about it. Apparently, no one researches, pays attention, or has a design boners like myself, but alright. I’m still discovering things about it, but overall I’m pleased by it. There’s a new 5S out, but everyone knows about that. Grand Theft Auto was released (and made a million trillion dollars) which was apparent to anyone with social media, a camera, and a box. Seriously, I guess they wouldn’t let you buy the game unless you promised to immediately take a picture of the case, and then fall off the face of the Earth for the next 15 hours. Now that we’ve covered that, let’s talk about some other fun stuff from the internet this week.

  • New Music: Justin Timberlake’s new 7 minute tune, TKO is out. Here’s to hoping the 20/20 Experience Part 2 is better than part 1.
  • Big Brother contestants (finally) learned they were fired for racist comments. Was it just me or was this a terrible season? 
  • Buzzfeed Article of the Week: 22 Mouth Watering Ways to Eat an Oreo. BRB trying some of these. Say cookie…
  • Ian Curtis’ writings are being collected for a new book which I must own.
  • It’s Science: Naps are actually good for you. Finally, an excuse to sleep off my daily caffeine crashes.
  • Because best friend dates are the best, Lauren Conrad has ten ideas for said occassion. I’ll take a hard pass on the hiking, sorry.
  • Sports…yes sports!: My Los Angeles Dodgers won the West this week after coming behind from last place in the beginning. Unfortunately, there was some contoversy surrounding them celebrating in the Diamondbacks’ pool. Let’s be honest, it’s not disrespectful and it’s stupid, in my opinion, the Diamondbacks have a pool in the first place.
  • Really?: According to this article from Fast Company, these little wooden spaces are the dorms of the future. I suppose that is cool…if you love splinters.
  • Shameless Plug: Surprise! I’m the New Girl writer for Screen Spy and you can read my thoughts on the season 3 premiere, Straight Trippin’ now. I’m pretty excited about this opportunity, guys so read it and make me feel awesome.

Well, it’s time to move on to that mountain of a to-do list. Just give me a pumpkin spice latte and let me be on my merry way. Have a good weekend, ya’ll. See you in the fall…which starts tomorrow…already? 

Featured image via Tumblr

The Weekender: September 14

I’m pretty excited it’s the weekend. My stomach on the other hand is not. It seems I’ve become a bit under the weather, but I will persever because groceries don’t buy themselves. Not that grocery shopping is something I enjoy. I truly loathe the experience actually. I’ve been way too busy for the internet this week, but still here’s somethings I saw you may have missed. (New iPhone news not included since everyone knows about that)

National treasure, Tom Hanks had to serve jury duty. His perfection caused some issues.
Buzzfeed has 5 minute hairstyles for busy mornings. Hairstyles I still won’t be able to figure out even with 30 minutes to spare.
BRB making these: Apple Cider donuts
Chipotle has a new ad, The Scarecrow featuring a haunting but great cover of Pure Imagination performed by Fiona Apple
One Direction wasted no time releasing a extended fan edition of their Morgan Spurlock directed documentary, This is Us. You can also preorder their new album, Midnight Memories, which is already number 1 in multiple countries and won’t even be released until November.
Shameless Plug: I wrote about my favorite movies set in high school for TVEA. So everyone should go ahead and read that.

Featured Image: Apple cider donuts by Say Yes to Hoboken

Currently Coveting: Is It Fall Yet?


Arizona has had a few rainy days lately which reminded me fall is coming. Unfortunately Arizona hasn’t received that memo and it’s going to be warmer than normal by the end of the week. Enough with the weather. Sorry, it’s my least favorite thing about Arizona. While impatiently waiting for the temperatures to drop to a normal, lovable number, I’ll be coveting all these items and online browsing for new clothes.

These are my favorite items as of late:

Watch / Baseball Tee (Sadly, sold out) / Bra / Sweatshirt / Trousers / Plaid Shirt / Boots / Tote Bag / Sweater

A New Kind of Music Monday

Let’s talk about music for a second. I’ve always had a diverse taste in music. I don’t just say that to claim I listen to everything because I really don’t listen to everything. I’m willing to give just about everything a chance though.I didn’t even know what Blurred Lines was until a couple weeks ago not that I should win a medal for that. (I should) I think a well rounded taste should be celebrated. Not that we should all be celebrating my ability to know when something is good. In high school I was essentially mocked in front of a group of people for having different patches on my backpack. Bands in genres that didn’t even go together. I’m not even embarrassed that I had the patches, but I am embarrassed because this shitty guy thought that it was his place to decide which artists were worthy of standing together. I can still remember exactly what he said to me, but I won’t bother to give him another second of my time since his haircut literally made me sad and disgusted. My point is, every once in awhile my tastes change. I suppose technically they are the same, but they fluctuate. One day I love one thing and the next it’s something else.

The reason I even bring this up is instead of boring Music Monday where I pick one thing I’m really into at that moment, share it, and act like I’m not a complete nerd, I thought I’d share a few songs worthy of you, the readers, time. They are still songs I’m currently into but straight and to the point. Honestly, it probably won’t even be every Monday. It will be a just when I feel like it type of deal. The above statement about my fluctuating music taste is essentially a disclaimer stating what you will see in this feature will be music that doesn’t necessarily belong together. I don’t need anyone to tell me that. A person shouldn’t be defined by just one thing. Genres are just one of those boxes I don’t enjoy.  It’s true, I do listen to a lot, I mean a lot, of indie rock and indie folk. But it expands past that. By the way teenagers, soft grunge isn’t even a thing nor is hipster. As far as I’ve ever known, a hipster would never admit to being a hipster, it’s not a claim to fame, and they don’t blog glittery GIFs and pictures of pizza, but I’m old. What do I know right? This is enough for a whole new post…so let’s just get to the tunes shall we?

I haven’t heard a lot of music by The 1975, but this cover they did of What Makes You Beautiful I can stand by 100%

Don’t listen to this Son Lux song unless you plan to listen from start to finish. Just trust me.

I love Arcade Fire. Everyone under the sun knows this, but I’m not 100% on board with Reflektor yet. Not even with those Bowie vocals. WHAT I know, but if you’re down there’s an interactive video that can be found at Just a Reflektor

This one isn’t something I enjoy. I saw it this morning and my brother and I had a great laugh about it. They are from Norway where apparently their biggest burning question is what sound does the fox make? You’d be surprised at how they see it. Please don’t let this be the next Gangnam Style…