August Mix: Goodbye Summer


It’s been almost a week of The August Break, and I have to say it’s very different. One thing I couldn’t let pass up posting was the monthly mix. I decided to make a mini challenge for myself and make monthly mixes. Sometimes it feels like overkill, but it’s fun. This month I decided to send off summer in style. It’s August. It’s hot and sticky out. I’m already over it. Where’s the fast forward to September button? Goodbye Summer features a bunch of songs I loved this summer. There’s a little something for everyone. It’s perfect for pretty much any summer activity other than working in an office building. I’d much rather listen to it while grilling or having a nice cocktail watching a sunset, but there again I’m a lover of summer cliches.

So, as long as you’re not hanging out in an office setting sans  headphones*, you can enjoy this mix pretty much anywhere.

Find it on 8Tracks

*Seriously though, some of the rap tunes are NSFW. Don’t do it, bro.