Currently Coveting


I didn’t even know I wanted to make my mason jars into bento boxes until I saw this nifty Cuppow invention on Swiss Miss the other day. There’s only one thing really keeping me from ordering on ASAP: I’m really clumsy. I can just see myself dropping the jar, or just outright forgetting it’s in my bag, and glass shattering everywhere. Sure, it would take a lot to break a mason jar, but I’ve never met a glass container I haven’t broken. The rest are clothes (and a bag) I need in my fall wardrobe. Speaking of that, is it fall yet? 

BNTO Canning Jar Lunchbox Adaptor
Striped Lakeview Sweater
Lumine Dot Blouse
Ernest Alexander Utility Tote.
New York Times Stacked Tee Shirt