Required Reading: Friday Afternoon


It’s Friday afternoon and about time here on the west coast to be leaving work for the weekend. Before it’s officially time to punch that time card and head on out to the car, where I really hope Working For The Weekend is playing on a radio somewhere, here’s 5 things you should check out this afternoon.

  • Jay-Z performed Picasso Baby for 6 hours with a ton of artists for a new video. I can’t wait to see this.
  • This American Life has reached a milestone 500 episodes. All episodes are currently streaming online at their website. If you’re not sure where to begin Slate has a beginners guide. In addition to these, I recommend Conventions. It features a story about a Dark Shadows convention and is one of my favorites. They also have a really sweet looking homepage as seen above.
  • Radiohead is the first artist to be banned from playing in Chipotle. I for one am very upset by this. I’ve listened to Radiohead plenty of times at Chipotle. How else am I supposed to enjoy a delicious chicken burrito bowl without a side of Thom Yorke howling against the stone floors?
  • Paste Magazine has compiled the best tweets about the cinematic masterpiece of our time, Sharknado.
  • Justin Timberlake has released Take Back the Night, the lead single for the 20/20 Experience Part 2. I won’t lie I kind of like it.