Style Icon: Sofia Coppola




Everyone knows I love Sofia Coppola. It’s not really a surprise. She’s an excellent film maker. Perhaps even my favorite current filmmaker. I admire her ability to make even the simplest of things look beautiful. There’s just something about her personal style I love. Okay, maybe not the Marc Jacobs pajama looking outfit she wore to the MET Gala, but everything else is just simple, classic, and well put together. I would definitely wear any of the outfits pictured above, but would not be able to pull them off half as well as she can. There’s just a feeling of sophistication that goes along with her style.

I’m no expert on style, but her style is most reflective of my own. That’s probably why I admire it so much. I could very easily see any of these pieces in my closet. That said, I really wish I had the ability to look this put together, and not feel like I have no idea what I’m doing.

I’d also really appreciate a Sofia Coppola Louis Vuitton Bag. You know…if someone would just give me one of those. I’d treat it well.