Music Monday: Fall Out Boy

The nostalgia saga continues today with Fall Out Boy. In my later years of high school FOB was a BIG deal. None of those popular assholes in my school knew who they were yet, and they were opening for bands that probably don’t even exist anymore. Take This To Your Grave was my tied with Deja Entendu (Brand New) for most played album on my home stereo system. Good thing my stereo was a multi-disc holder. I wore my Fall Out Boy is for Scenesters shirt more times than any other item of clothing. Do I still have that somewhere? I’ve seen FOB more times than any other band (WHAT?), and I’m VERY excited to be seeing them again tomorrow night. It’s only been a couple years since I’ve seen them, but I still act like a teenager when it comes to them. They hold a special place in my life, and they brought me some pretty rad friends.

Don’t take away my cool points. It’s just a part of my life I still like to revisit. It was a much simpler time. A time worth revisiting when being an adult gets to be a pain in the ass.

I now present, in 240p, Saturday: