C+W Road Trip: Los Angeles, California

Remember way back in the 1960s when people used to invite guests over for a totally non-chalant dinner party and then sneak attack everyone with vacation slides? No of course not because it’s 2013 and (nearly) everyone has at least one social media force feeding that to everyone on a daily basis. If you have no idea what I’m talking about watch an episode of Mad Men. You’re bound to find it happen there at least once. Here’s where I’m taking an opportunity to share the 21st century version of vacation slides: vacation Instagrams. Sure, Kodak slides in the 1960s were cooler and the host probably offered beverages of the alcohol variety, but this is all I’ve got. Sadly, my trusty point and shoot camera was locked away and for this road trip all I had was my trusty phone camera. Deal with itttt. It’s actually not that bad of a camera. (I’d still prefer an SLR though). Technically I ventured to other cities, but for the sake of time and word count, just go with it. 


Row 1: Madame Tussaud’s wax museum.

  • I love to pretend I’m too cool for touristy activities, but get me in front of a wax figure of George Clooney (not pictured) or Iron Man and I’m as excited as a small child seeing Santa Claus. It’s still hands down the creepiest place I have ever been to. It’s so hard to tell who is real and who is fake. It’s interactive as long as you don’t touch the wax figures themselves. The most curious part to me is why Madame Tussaud thought this would be an AWESOME idea in the first place.

Row 2: Walk of Fame

  • Yes, I’ve been to the Hollywood Walk of Fame about a half a million times in my life. Since my last visit a few years ago, some new stars have been added including my favorite Beatle, Mr. George Harrison, and everyone’s favorite national treasure, Tom Hanks. Also, the Capitol Records building is my favorite building of all time. What? It’s totally normal to have a favorite building. 

Row 3: MISC

  • Check out that view of Hollywood. I drank wine from a portable coffee cup in the shower and visited the famous Farmers Market (best almond butter around).

Row 4: Beverly Hills (what a thrill) + Burbank

  • My family hails from Burbank, so it’s always fun to visit Bob’s Big Boy (Sorry Dad, I know it’s technically in Teluca Lake). Pictured is Kevin Arnold’s house from the Wonder Years. I’m a huge Wonder Years fan, and I’ve been here before but I love it. (Please sell it to me, fine owners. I will treat it well) 


Row 1: Santa Monica

  • The beach is pretty exciting isn’t it? Except there’s sand in every orifice. I even took the plunge and road the Paradise Wheel. My first ferris wheel ride in over 16 years. Nothing like contemplating falling out of the sky while high above the ocean, right? 

Row 2: Arts District + Angel’s Knoll

  • Never been to the Arts District before, but it’s my new favorite. I finally made it to Tom Hansen’s bench from 500 Days of Summer. It’s one of my all time favorite movies, and this bench is “world famous” according to the man talking to me about it. The plaque has since been stolen, so that’s a bummer. For being a wold famous bench, not a lot of people wanted it during the hour or so I sat there. Then again it was midday on a Tuesday. Grand Central Public Market has some great unidentifiable Chinese food.

Row 3: Dodger Stadium

  • FINALLY made it to a a game at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers won. I got a foam finger and it was cap night. Still not a giant fan of Dodger Dogs though. I gave it my best shot.

Row 4: MISC

  • Lifeguard tower, pretty purple flowers, and WINDMILLS. I’m never unpacking.

There it is. All in all it was a pretty fantastic road trip. I can’t wait to go back. It’s also 110 in Arizona right now, so a visit to the beach would be amazing right now.