Required Reading: Tuesday Afternoon

I spent a lot of time trying to be productive today, but I finished most of it early which left a lot of time for internet browsing. Here’s somethings I’ve seen on the internet today.

An entire article on the gin and tonic? Yes please.

Will & Jaden Smith, Alfonso Ribeiro, & DJ Jazzy Jeff reunited on the Graham Norton show and performed the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap. This is the greatest thing I’ve seen lately. I really enjoy how Lord Bradley Cooper acts like he has just been transported to another planet and doesn’t understand what’s going on or loves it too much he doesn’t know what to say. Speaking of Lord Cooper, I wrote this review about the The Hangover Part III.

Here’s an article on privacy and Facebook apps. It’s either very interesting or just a ploy for a that privacy website to get hits.

Lauren Conrad teaches us how to decorate a home from scratch.

Everyone is watching Arrested Development right? Indiewire has the best and worst of the new season. I must agree the about the Roshamon flashbacks. I must admit as exciting as it was there was a lot to absorb at once. At lot of throwbacks and different perspectives. Even with breaks it was overwhelming. That said I loved GOB’s episodes, and the fact the show was back. I was overjoyed when Tobias said he just blue himself for the first time in 5 years.