C+W Loves: Leaf TV


There are a lot of channels on Youtube. There’s a lot of tutorials on Youtube. I think I have found my favorite (besides Daily Grace) of the bunch: LeafTV. LeafTV is the brainchild of two bloggers, Geri Hirsch and Erin Falconer, with a clear sense of style, and LEAFTV really shows that. Leaf stands for living, eating, and fashion. All things I enjoy which is why I love this channel. The cooking videos are my favorite. They help teach basic culinary skills and easy but delicious recipes. I’ve actually learned new, less complicated ways of doing things like cutting a watermelon and pineapple. Trust me, my kitchen looks like a juicy disaster after cutting a watermelon so any new advice was extremely welcome. I actually learned how to sauté a chicken breast thanks to Leaf. That sounds pretty amateur for someone who loves to cook, but chicken makes me extremely nervous so I’ve never tried to sauté it. Their tutorial & advice made it seem less daunting and scary. I insisted on making the chicken caesar sandwich in their videos which is how this love came to be. The sandwich is delicious by the way.

The videos are stylish and simple to follow along to. They have everything from yoga poses to cocktails and many things in between. I’m dying to make the spicy tuna bowl, and watermelon salsa. So check out LeafTV and learn something new. Keep up the good work, ladies.

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