5 Things I Love About…Nick Miller

New Girl had its season two finale last night, and it got me thinking about the wonderful Nick Miller. Nick Miller is a bartender, writer, and small business owner. He’s a bit of a slacker, he’s grumpy, and he’s terrible at DIY projects but insists on fixing everything himself. He is a great dancer, he still owns the suit he wore to high school graduation, and probably owns enough plaid to dress an entire convention of lumberjacks. There’s so much to like about Nick, but here’s 5 of my favorite things about Nick Miller.

5. Nick + Schmidt

Sure, Winston is Nick’s oldest friend, but that doesn’t compare to his friendship with Schmidt. Nick and Schmidt were roommates in college. A fact Schmidt takes so seriously he celebrates their roommate anniversary. In season 2 they celebrate their tenth roommate anniversary in the episode, Tinfinity. Tinfinity was a manly garden party, and the event where Nick became a small business owner by purchasing a portable toilet. Everyone becoming a small business owner buys a run down, destroyed portable toilet, right? I love everything about their friendship. The way they talk to each other, how much Schmidt loves Nick, and how Nick can put up with Schmidt all the time without going insane. Nick is always willing to help Schmidt even if he’s not entirely on board with the idea. “Schmidt is not that bad beeeeeeetch. He is amazing.” – Rachael’s counter argument. Always and forever: EQUALS!

4. Z Is for Zombie

I mentioned before Nick is an author. He wrote half a book about Zombies called Z is for Zombie. So maybe he misspelled rhythm over 30 times, and included a word search with no bank of words to search for but it was a solid effort. To be fair, I misspelled rhythm plenty of times just typing this. The novel is a best seller if I’ve ever seen one.

3. Julius Pepperwood

Julius Pepperwood appeared in season 2 when Nick thought one of Jess’ adult writing students wanted to kill her. Julius is from Chicago, and he won’t let you forget it. He loves pizza, but not thin crust because he is from Chicago. Eventually, through his stalking investigation, he learns the student doesn’t want to murder Jess at all. Of course he couldn’t let anything happen to Jess. Julius Pepperwood became the subject of Nick’s next writing project: Zombie Detective. A mystery series starring Julius Pepperwood and his partner Jessica Night. It sounds like a great follow-up to Z is for Zombie. I only hope this series includes a new word search.


2. Young Nick Miller

Season 2 included a couple of flashbacks to a younger Nick. I really enjoyed seeing his progression from creepy mustache tie-dye shirt wearing Nick to the Nick seen above. The episode Virgins held the greatest young Nick Miller yet. He had a greasy, terrible haircut and braces. Talk about attractive. He even made an appearance in my birthday card this year from Rachael. She even knew how irresistible he was with that look. Young Nick was going to be a lawyer, but dropped out of law school after his girlfriend, Caroline, broke up with him. He only had one serious girlfriend in life, but seemed to be such a ladies man Schmidt would ask him for help. I hope they revisit young Nick more next season. Also, Caroline was crazy.

1. Nick + Jess

Since episode one I’ve been on board for Nick and Jess. I’m far too invested in them as characters and a couple. I, like much of the audience, have been patiently waiting for them to happen. Every close call/bit of sexual tension was an object being thrown at the television moment waiting to happen. I hate to be a girl here, but the way Nick looks at Jess is the way every girl wishes a boy would look at them. Granted yes, they are fictional characters and it’s setting the bar impossibly high for real life, but that’s just what entertainment like television does. Nick likes and accepts Jess’ quirky personality and Jess ultimately accepts the mess Nick is. That’s why it works. Ever since the pilot Nick has some sort of protective nature over Jess, and Jess is always there for him. In the beginning of season 1 it’s not explored much, but towards the end it becomes..warmer. Season 2 all hell just breaks loose in a will they/won’t they situation. Trust me, anyone with heart condition can’t handle it. I couldn’t even handle it. Season 2 revealed the guys of apartment 4D had a no nail oath in regards to Jess. It upsets her, but it was all for Nick. He couldn’t help it so he signed the oath. The oath is now null in void and no one seems all that upset about it.  I’m glad it’s been resolved…barely. Who knows what’s ahead for season 3, but don’t screw it up, guys.