Music Monday: Gatsby? What Gatsby?

I, like much of the universe, am in Gatsby mode lately. The movie is overdone but great at the same time. Hate to admit my little girl crush from 1996 on Leonardo DiCaprio is in full effect. I can’t even begin to describe the crushing blow we had realizing he’s 38 years old. Enough about that…I’ve had the soundtrack in rotation for a week or so now. I think it’s a great soundtrack. It took some getting used to at first, but it really makes baking 100 million dark chocolate sea salt Mother’s Day cupcakes bearable. Okay so maybe not 100 million, but more than a reasonable amount were baked, and distributed to many (forgotten) moms yesterday. Everything I’ve read about the soundtrack is how much it sucks, but it works for the movie. I don’t exactly disagree with most of that, but there are some songs I favor more than others. That’s just a natural reaction, I suppose. Then again, in 1996 my most prized possessions were my CD of the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack & my Leonardo DiCaprio poster from a Teen Beat magazine so my opinion could be invalid.

For Music Monday  enjoy Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey. If you’ve seen the movie, you’re no doubt sick of it already. It’s used about 10 times in the span of two hours. I, for one, am not tired of it.