Music Monday: Birthday Edition

It’s my birthday, and in honor of this momentous occasion I thought for Music Monday I’d share one of my all time favorite songs. It’s very hard for me to decide if something is one of my favorite songs, but this one definitely meets the criteria.

So Layla was written by Eric Clapton about Pattie Boyd while she was married to George Harrison. It probably takes some serious balls to write a love song to/about your friends wife, but it made for a great tune. She eventually did leave George for Eric so it must have worked. It’s such a great song and then the piano part for the rest of the song is beautiful. I’ll just say it: it’s a great love song. It’s featured in one of my favorite parts of Goodfellas so there’s that as well. Derek and the Dominos only released this one album, but this song would have been enough for me.

Have a great Monday everyone, and a very happy birthday to my very close friend, George Clooney. Who else would I want to share a birthday with? Spoilers: no one.