Required Reading


This week I’ve been busy catching up on homework, prepping for my final weeks of spring semester, and attempting to sleep normal hours. I haven’t had much time for the internet aside from the occasional Twitter or Instagram check. Yes, I need pictures of Captain Knots in my life. So, I spent my early Saturday morning catching up on internet things. In case you’re like me, or just live under a rock, here’s things you should know about:

The Great Gatsby has an all-star soundtrack line up, and almost daily, like clockwork, songs have been being released. So far everyone has heard Florence & The Machine, but here’s the XX, Beyonce & Andre 3000, Sia, & Lana Del Rey. Full disclosure: the Beyonce & Andre 3000 track is a radio rip and has the most annoying voice over tag repeatedly occurring during the track.

The continuing saga of Steve Buscemi & Vampire Weekend: Now with Easter Eggs!

Arrested Development Round Up: An exclusive (outtake) clip of Buster & Lucille, photos, & character posters.

Eisley may be asking for a luxury tour bus, Veronica Mars fans may have raised a billion dollars in one day for a movie, but there is really only one Kickstarter I can get behind: Wish I Was Here by Zach Braff. So close!

I’m having serious Girls withdrawals that is until I saw these photos of Lena & Co filming season 3. Charlie, how could you leave?