Required Reading (& Watching)


  I know there are plenty of places to get your information on the internet so why listen to me? I am only going to give you the really important things. Here’s 6 things you need to know this morning.

MTV announced that the teaser, or first look, for Catching Fire will premiere at the Movie Awards next weekend. I got very emotional just watching the teaser video announcing the teaser. I don’t know what I will do with the entire first look. No shame in my game.

Bradley Cooper has a perm now. Okay so maybe it’s just for the new David O’Russell movie, but ladiesssssss am I right? Maybe that last part doesn’t really work in text…

Apparently PINK is going to have their own line of nail polish. Guess that means girls on campus can now be dressed from head to toe 100% in PINK. Fortunately for me, it’s only in selected stores. Despite some of their cool colors, I think I’ll stick with my go-to brand.

BIG NEWS TODAY! Arrested Development arrives on Netflix May 26th! So, poor unsuspecting users, prepare for your Netflix to not be working that day.

There are two new trailers out this morning. First a new trailer for The Great Gatsby. I’m conflicted about whether I like this idea, or if 10 year old me still really wants me to be attached to Leonardo DiCaprio. If the Great Gatsby isn’t your thing, and you really liked Drive, there’s a new trailer for Only God Forgives. I think I only need to say Ryan Gosling and everyone with lady parts will watch it. Just to reinforce it though, Ryan Gosling drags a man down a hallway by his mouth, which is a bit more attractive than it should be.*

It’s Thursday, and you know know what that means: Throwback Thursday. In case you plan to participate in the hashtag today, the Man Repeller has some do’s and dont’s you should really check out. I am terrible at TBT so I have chosen to not longer participate in it. Also, my really uncool cousin started doing it because she saw it on the Today Show. That’s when you know it’s time to switch to Selfie Saturday.

*This blogger doesn’t condone watching movies soley for the purpose of cute or attractive actors.