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Yesterday the lovelies over at Who What Wear launched their new website, Domaine. I actually, as of this moment, love it just a little bit more than WWW. Most likely because I can understand rugs, chairs, and wall art more than I understand what shade of lipstick is better for what skin tone. It’s just not one of my gifts, and I’m thankful WWW & WWW Beauty exist for that reason.

Domaine has decor, celebrity features, how-tos, and even a place to shop for items you see on the website. They even have a celebrity section for those times I want to see (and know) that Lea Michele has a book on Barbara Streisand on her coffee table. Honestly though, that doesn’t surprise me. Other than that her space really isn’t all that bad. Some of it, although not my style, is actually pretty cute. That’s not what we are here to discuss though. In Living, my personal favorite section of the website, there are recipes and recommendations. The site is new and more content is coming, but I can’t wait to see where it goes. How-to, like the name suggests, has how-tos, DIYs, and how to be Ms. Fix It. There’s also a blog and a section showing off their pins on Pinterest.

Overall I am in love with the website and it’s design. I’m excited to see where the website goes from here. So, if you’re like me and love interiors or beautiful things in general check out Domaine.

Images: Citizens of Humanity Studio Visit


Cool Story, April


Well, April, it’s finally time for your grand send off. What am I talking about? I don’t even know. Getting ready for the final weeks of classes is making me delirious. April has been a fun one. There’s been some great adventures like getting to see the Dodgers play the Diamondbacks (go sports!), Record Store Day 2013, and seeing William Beckett live after all these years. Record Store Day was very interesting. There wasn’t many releases I would be willing to challenge other patrons to a battle for so I ended up just buying a couple records I wanted to add to my collection. Well..I did get the Iron and Wine 7″ RSD exclusive so I guess that’s not 100% accurate. I didn’t make good choices when it came to food this month. Why am I even talking about what I ate? That’s strange all by itself. It’s true, I do love margaritas and pie (not together obviously). Oh, and that ice cream? Eating my feels after watching the Catching Fire teaser. The only way to get rid of the feels is to eat food I’m not supposed to eat. How could I deny cake batter + PEETA butter cups? Don’t worry I did say, “with Peeta butter cups” when I ordered it.

I don’t need to mention May is up next because I’m pretty sure the months of the year are pretty clear by now. I’m just happy the semester is almost over. I could really use the break. Vacation time is almost here, but that also means warmer temperatures. Yesterday Arizona reached it’s first triple digits of the year which I find so disappointing. The earlier it happens the hotter the summer will be. Yuck…

Music Monday: She & Him

She + Him have a new album, Volume 3, coming out next week. I’m very excited to receive my record, but until then the album is currently streaming via NPR Music. So far I’m enjoying it a great deal. I’ll be dancing around to it for the next few days for sure. Check out the lead single, Never Wanted Your Love, above.

Have a good Monday, everyone. 

Thoughts: iTunes is 10!


Today marks iTunes’s 10th birthday. 10 years of providing the ability to purchase and listen to embarrassing tunes without anyone knowing. I got inspired, after reading Paste’s List of the Day: Most Played Songs in iTunes, to check out what is in my most played & what I originally purchased 10 years ago. I’ve shared my most played once in the form of a slightly embarrassing mix. Sadly, nothing much has changed on this front. With streaming services like Rdio, iTunes has taken a backseat to many. I still use iTunes frequently, and their new version doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers others. I still use iTunes because my phone needs that valuable space for any necessary reaction GIF, and I won’t get rid of my iPod, a 2005 video version, until it dies.

iTunes, and the iPod itself, changed how I listened to music in high school. I no longer had to lug around a Sony Walkman CD player and a select few CDs to play on my walks between classes. That said, according to my iTunes purchases in the cloud (Thanks for this embarrassing feature, iTunes) I can honestly say I had the strangest music taste back in 2003. Actually, more like 2004/2005. I never used the iTunes Store to purchase music when it first came out. I bought all my music on CDs like a good child. Now I still have all those CDs just chilling in a box somewhere, but with the ability to store my entire music library on a tiny little technological marvel who needs them anymore? Once I received my first iTunes gift card all bets were off. Apparently I didn’t use it very wisely though nor the other 700 of them I received when I graduated high school. What do you give the girl who loves music? MORE MUSIC! (and the ability to purchase the worst array of tunes imaginable)

Shall we take a look? Alright…

Most Played:

Midnight City – M83 (68 plays)

This was my jam for over a year and ended up on pretty much any playlist I made myself. Definitely the reason it has so many plays over the course of its existence in my library. I’m sure at one point, since 2003, my iTunes library has many different most played songs. If I can remember correctly there was one year I couldn’t stop listening to Take On Me by a-ha. I can’t even tell if that was ironically or just some weird phase I went through where I thought that would be really funny. Eventually Midnight City began being used in a Victoria’s Secret commercial, and my love for the tune began to fade into the musical graveyard. Even though it’s not my jam right now, it’s still a solid song worth listening to. I’m just thankful it’s not playing every time I turn on a television.

First Purchased:

Big Pimpin’ – Jay-Z

Attempting to decipher my purchases from my 14-year-old sisters purchases was a bit hard, but since that first, now iconic, purchase was mine I can’t hide from it. HOVA was my first purchase. I can’t recall the story of how I came to purchase this tune, or how my first thought looking at the candy store known as iTunes was “Big Pimpin’, good choice.” This purchase shows my true nature as a person. I truly like hip-hop music. Good hip-hop music not any of this Thrift Shop stuff. It’s one of my musical tastes that hasn’t changed since the East coast/West coast battle of the mid-90s. I was too young to take a side, but thankfully MTV was there to introduce me to this new world of music. Eventually I went on to purchase many more Jay-Z tunes as well as tunes by Gwen Stefani and Jimmy Eat World. I told you, my taste varies.

For 10 years iTunes has been taking my hard-earned money when I decide to purchase the flavor of the week. So per request, here’s one song, of many, I purchased for each year of iTunes existence. There’s a significant shift happening.

2003 – no purchases
2004: Big Pimpin’ – Jay-Z
2005: Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down – Fall Out Boy
2006: Deja-Vu – Beyonce featuring Jay-Z
2007: Stronger – Kanye West
2008: Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon
2009: On to the Next One – Jay-Z
2010: Boyfriend – Best Coast
2011: County Line – Cass McCombs
2012: DIY – Keep Shelly In Athens
2013: Now Is Not the Time – CHVRCHES

I’d like to take a moment to thank iTunes for giving me endless amounts of tunes at the click of a button. It gives me the privilege to be embarrassing on the go. Here’s to many more years and hopes you don’t become obsolete due to the existence of Rdio and Spotify.

  iTunes image via Apple

5 Reasons…I Love Daria

In 1997, long before MTV began sharing the diluted lives of pregnant teenagers and Jersey Shore residents, they had Daria. Not only Daria, but good seasons of the Real World and a long forgotten show, Road Rules. Daria was one of MTV’s highest rated shows in the 90s, and probably because they had few television shows during that time. What can I say, MTV, quality over quantity. What happened? I was 10 when this show began, and I truly didn’t appreciate everything it had to offer until I grew up and could fully comprehend most of it. Some things definitely float over a 10 year olds head. I recently began to re-watch all 5 glorious seasons of Daria, and I thought I’d share 5 things I love about the show & everyone’s favorite cynical, sarcastic television character.

5. Sick, Sad World

Sick, Sad World is as if the world’s worst tabloid and television had a love child. I suppose it would be the TMZ of today except with less celebrity gossip and more stories about the image of Jesus in a candy bar. Sick, Sad World was seen only a few times, but the voiceover during other scenes was it’s most frequent appearance. As a television program it touted everything from G-String grannies, the jaywalking dead, to a killer whale licensed to practice law. Who wouldn’t want to watch this show? If I wasn’t stuck watching Unsolved Mysteries re-runs in the 90s, I would have been watching this. Well, if it was real anyway. With news stories today, I’m surprised there isn’t a real version of Sick, Sad World to entertain us. I guess that would just be called the 10 o’clock news.

4. The Fashion Club

Quinn, Sandi, Stacy, and Tiffany, or the Fashion Club, were the complete opposite of Daria and Jane. They are vapid, shallow, and involved in a self-appointed school club. For a fashion club, they didn’t seem to care all that much about fashion. They wore the same outfits in every episode, but that comes along with the territory of being a cartoon. Sandi is jealous of Quinn and her popularity, and the other two just fall in line. It’s like a real life high school clique. They are equally self involved and, to a degree, annoying. Eventually, like in life, the Fashion Club was disbanded, but they vowed to stay in touch. If there ever was a where are they now for Daria, I’d love to see what the Fashion Club is up to in their late 20s. Every once in a while I can be found saying “QA-UINN” in a nasally tone.

3. Daria + Jane

In the pilot episode, Daria and Jane meet in a special class for students with low self-esteem. They eventually bond over how ridiculous the class is, and work together to get out of it. An everlasting friendship has been born. Daria and Jane have a friendship built on the greatest of qualities: the ability to accept each others flaws. Jane knows Daria has a cynical view on life and society in general and choses to accept it. Jane is more outgoing and even becomes a popular cheerleader when asked to try something she thought she would fail at. Jane, at one point, even joins the track team. It’s different, but in both situations Jane became disgusted with the mainstream. Daria may not be so accepting of Jane’s ability to slide right into the aforementioned mainstream, but it all works out in the end. Despite not having any parental guidance whatsoever Jane has a head on her shoulders. No matter what their differences throughout the run of the show they remained friends. (Although sometimes the fence was mended by Trent.) That’s admirable to me even if it’s a cartoon. Plus, she keeps Daria’s biggest secret which leads me to number 2…

2. Trent Lane

Daria has a crush on Jane’s older brother, Trent. Who didn’t have a crush on Trent? Trent is a musician and a slacker. A stereotypical version of person in their late-teens/early 20s in the 90s. Trent was everything I wished for in a boyfriend when I was in my early teens. Not because I have some creepy love for a cartoon, but he was musician. He was fascinating to me. It was an extremely misguided crush on my part. Who knows, maybe he was the gateway to my current “type” of boy. Although Daria probably never knew, Trent was aware, to some degree, that Daria liked him. Eventually, after a couple of seasons, Trent and Daria had a breakup of sorts when Trent forgot to deliver the music for Daria’s project. A clue of sorts that if there ever was a hope for Daria and Trent, it just wouldn’t work. Daria eventually moves on and begins seeing Tom, a former boyfriend of Jane’s. I’m not quite sure what happened to Trent, but I’m sure he’s out there making Mystik Spiral (they’re changing the name) a thing.

1. Daria

How could Daria, the main character of the show, not be number 1? Daria always had some snide, humorous comment to make. It was usually a jab on the situation or the person she was speaking to. I didn’t understand how useful sarcasm can be at the time, but now I use it practically every time I speak. She said whatever she wanted to even to her parents, and they never punished her. Either they were very dense or appreciate her peculiar sense of self. Daria is smart, possibly too smart for her own good, and makes it known. She’s smarter than the adults, including teachers, and the students at her school.  There’s something that makes Daria, dare I say it, endearing. I can’t say Daria shaped my personality, that’s absolutely ridiculous, but I can say she made my cynical outlook on situations and use of sarcasm feel more accepted. Except I was punished for snide comments, and couldn’t outsmart my teachers. Well at least not till high school anyway. I appreciated Daria was an outsider. Daria wasn’t concerned about being popular, dressing fashionably, or having a boyfriend. 3 things I thought high school would be all about. Now that I’ve been through high school I can honestly say I appreciated the Daria road of high school much more than the Brittany or Quinn way. Eventually, like all of us, Daria graduated high school, and left all of us with some words of wisdom: “There is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can’t be improved with pizza.” 

Required Reading


This week I’ve been busy catching up on homework, prepping for my final weeks of spring semester, and attempting to sleep normal hours. I haven’t had much time for the internet aside from the occasional Twitter or Instagram check. Yes, I need pictures of Captain Knots in my life. So, I spent my early Saturday morning catching up on internet things. In case you’re like me, or just live under a rock, here’s things you should know about:

The Great Gatsby has an all-star soundtrack line up, and almost daily, like clockwork, songs have been being released. So far everyone has heard Florence & The Machine, but here’s the XX, Beyonce & Andre 3000, Sia, & Lana Del Rey. Full disclosure: the Beyonce & Andre 3000 track is a radio rip and has the most annoying voice over tag repeatedly occurring during the track.

The continuing saga of Steve Buscemi & Vampire Weekend: Now with Easter Eggs!

Arrested Development Round Up: An exclusive (outtake) clip of Buster & Lucille, photos, & character posters.

Eisley may be asking for a luxury tour bus, Veronica Mars fans may have raised a billion dollars in one day for a movie, but there is really only one Kickstarter I can get behind: Wish I Was Here by Zach Braff. So close!

I’m having serious Girls withdrawals that is until I saw these photos of Lena & Co filming season 3. Charlie, how could you leave?

Home Envy

I’m really loving the layout and design of these lofts in Kansas City. Yes, Kansas City! Especially this kitchen. The lofts are sold as shells which buyers then design, with their own contractors and architects, to fit their own personal styles. My favorite part of this concept is each unit becomes a unique living space. There’s no more trying to make due with mass produced fake wood cabinets, or out of date and unattractive fixtures. It really is a blank canvas. Rooms can be as small or as large as the owner wants. There are no rules, and unless someone lacks an imagination, the possibilities are endless. Okay maybe there are things you can’t do like build a moat. That would be just ridiculous.

Via Dwell

Music Monday: Phoenix

I love the band Phoenix. Probably more than the city in which I reside. They have a new album being released tomorrow, Bankrupt! The album, if you don’t know, is currently streaming, for free, on iTunes. Go check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Have a good Monday, everyone!