Day: March 28, 2013

Mix No 26: Warmer Weather


Spring is in full effect here in Arizona. It’s been over 80 degrees every day for a couple weeks now. Eventually it will be 110, but until then I’m going to enjoy the sunshine. I was originally going to share some of my favorite albums to listen to in warmer weather, but that just turned out into a really cool playlist.

The weather is warmer, the windows are down in the car, and I’m getting sunburns and awkward shoe tan lines after spending 5 minutes in the sun. So maybe I’m the only person who made the soundtrack to their sunburns, but it’s a lot of cool songs I’ve been listening to lately.

You can check it out on 8tracks or Rdio 

I put the playlist on Rdio this time if that’s more of your thing. Rdio is pretty rad, guys. You should get it.