Date Night


Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Maybe you have a sweet date? Maybe you don’t. That’s cool too. I usually spend my Valentine’s evenings catching up on work. I’m just that romantic. This year I actually have a really cool date with Tom Hanks. Don’t tell Rita Wilson. Tom and I have a classic romantic film relationship. We were both in love with other people. We started a correspondence over a now defunct internet service provider. He would give me advice on how to save the small business that belonged to my mother although the entire time he was the one putting my tiny children’s bookstore out of business. Okay so maybe that’s just the plot to You’ve Got Mail. It’s definitely more interesting than me catching up on work though right?

So I picked some really cool things in case you just started your Valentine’s Day date planning the day before.

The Outfit: Luck Be a Lady Dress Bow Pumps On the Town Ring 

The Food:  White and Dark Hearted Brownies Mushroom & Asparagus Risotto

The Extras: Quill and Fox card Laurent Perrier Brut Rose

Movies and Music: Sleepless In Seattle Valentine’s Mix by Dust Grooves. In the Kitchen Valentine’s Day 2013 by yours truly.