Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and gifts will be being bought. That is if you believe participate in such a thing. I found some really cool things that anyone would be happy to receive on the day of greeting card sanctioned appreciation of love. Granted I wouldn’t recommend any of the more expensive options if you recently entered a relationship with someone, or aren’t married to them. Seriously, it would be a bummer to buy such an awesome gift for someone and then break up, am I right? What girl would also appreciate champagne flutes for Valentine’s Day? Me. It’s definitely me.

His: Grande Seconde Stainless Steel Watch | Wallet | Gingham Tie | Retro Flip Clock | Monogram Beverage Bucket
Hers: Chloe Perfume Necklace | Coco Mademoiselle | Watch | Heart Macaroons | Champagne Flutes