Month: February 2013

Favorite Things


1. Long Distance Mug Set
2. Bella Heathcote’s dress at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party
3. Anglomania Liberty Skirt by Vivienne Westwood
4. New Still Corners!
5. Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar Night Manicure





One: Many cold, rainy days

Two: A couple of celebrations including Valentine’s Day and birthdays. I even sported a cool Justin Bieber tattoo for a couple of days. It started out as a funny thing to do, but I wasn’t aware they made them so indestructible!

Three: Spring training is here, trying new coffee, and living with a never-ending cold. Okay maybe it just feels like it never ends.

Oscar Results + Best Dressed



The Oscars have come and gone. The winner of the great ballot challenge of 2013 was…A TIE! Just like the highly coveted category of sound editing, we have a tie. One of us is Skyfall and the other Zero Dark Thirty. It was super fun not being 98% wrong this year. Also, congratulations, Jennifer Lawrence.

Above are my picks for best dressed. I decided not to pick various ladies. Every gown I loved everyone else absolutely hated. So I went with the gown I loved the most, Jennifer Lawrence in Dior. The men (and a couple stylish women) were a different story! Kudos to you, Affleck, JGL, and Clooney.


Oscar Predictions

The Oscars are upon us. It’s the night where movie stars, directors, and those awesome sound editors finally get noticed for all of their handiwork! Movies entertain us, help us escape, and in return, on Oscar night, we judge their clothing and rejoice/argue over the winners. For the past couple years, my dearest friends and myself have gotten together to watch the Oscars. We do what everyone else does, eat good food and judge everything. Last year, I shared my predictions with all of you. Most of them were wrong, but again, I don’t get to vote as a member of the Academy (I WISH!).

This year I decided I’d recruit my fellow Academy Award viewing ladies to share their ballots with everyone as well. So here they are, our 2013 Academy Award predictions.



“Jennifer Lawrence for all the awards.” – myself


“It is Lincoln. All the awards” – Rachael on her ballot

We will see in a matter of torturous hours who made the best predictions. What do you think of our choices? Who deserves to win Best Picture? 

Just keep pinning…


Okay, so maybe at first I didn’t understand the wonders of Pinterest. All of the recipes, DIYs, and literally tons of tips for everything imaginable. Isn’t this what the reading list or bookmarks is for? Truth be told, anything I put in my bookmarks rarely ever gets revisited. I finally understand how great Pinterest actually is. Although I have to sift through countless ecards, poorly photographed recipes, and tons of home interiors I wish were mine, I still really love it.

4 pins that I have come across lately that I love are shown above. Now I have to drag myself away for a sisterly bonding lunch, bummer.

Oscar night cocktail Yes please!
Outfit Can I have it all?
Zooey’s Hair