Winter Uniform


If there’s one thing I’m really great at, it’s definitely falling in love with one of my outfits, and wearing it until I hate it. So I’m not much of a fashionista (that’s a lame word right?) but I give it my best effort. If fashionista is a terrible word just pretend I didn’t say it. I just like clothes as much as the next girl. SURPRISE! I like girly things!

These are some things I’m going to be sporting for the rest of the winter. Consider it my winter uniform. An outfit I will wear until spring forces me to find a new go-to outfit. By force I mean makes me feel so warm that my choices are have a tomato colored face or wear suitable clothing.

Winter Uniform: Tortoise Button Sweatshirt / Wee Heart Ring / Denim Boyshirt / Sateen Pant / Blazer / Color Block Bag / Cap Toe Ballerina Flat / Rodarte Mug / ASOS Vintage Dial Watch