Jennifer Lawrence


Practically everyone I know, even myself, loves Jennifer Lawrence. Who doesn’t love Jennifer? If you don’t, what is wrong with you? She has such great style, a great sense of humor, and seems very down to Earth. She’s nominated for pretty much every award ever given out during award season, and she deserves it. I’m constantly seeing pictures of her dressed for certain events, and although someone is dressing here for these events most of her paparazzi photos are flawless. I say most since they try to get the most unflattering photos of everyone..all the time. Why society would want to look at pictures of people looking horrible is beyond me, but people keep buying that junk. Sidenote: Why is there a column called “Stars are just like US?” Is it really all that surprising a famous movie star uses a basket at the grocery store? Last time I checked they didn’t grow 17 arms at the supermarket?

Above I featured some of my favorite looks Jennifer has been sporting lately at events. Sadly, I couldn’t find out any information about the sweater/top in the last photo. I picked the braided crown hairstyle because it seemed like I could copy that much easier than say her Golden Globes Updo, which would take me forever to attempt.

Can whoever styles Jennifer please come style me for every event in my life? Even casual trips to the grocery store…