10 Songs: The Beatles (+ a NOTE)


Let’s start out 2013 with an administrative note. shall we? You may notice a couple new things about the blog. A new name (and URL) for starters. I truly hated the name I chose for my blog last year, but I went with it. This time I took a couple suggestions from friends and this is the result. Another thing you may notice is this new super cool layout. It’s not a custom layout like I would want, but it’s still pretty pleasing to look at. Third and last thing you’ll notice is the new Daily Reads page I put up. Now you, my trusty readers, can see where I’m likely to spend my days browsing the internet. When I’m not wasting away on Tumblr that is…

Now to my very first new post in 2013, a little challenge put in place by my brother. I started this blog last year with a simple nod to the Beatles and their tune Hello/Goodbye to usher in a little bit of optimism about 2012. This year I was challenged to pick 10 songs by the Beatles that I love or would play for anyone who may have been living under a rock since 1962. It was indeed a challenge, but after hours of research, I finally chose 10. Listening to hours of the Beatles was just so hard. Now tomorrow I could chose an entirely different 10…


Top photo by Bill Ray