Happy New Year


Year in Review…(kind of)

Well 2012, it’s been real. You’ve been a rough one to handle. For some reason 2012 decided to throw everything it could at me and expect me to learn from it. I started off the year feeling relatively optimistic my year would be fantastic, and for the most part it was not. Sometimes expectations just don’t meet reality. I started this blog per a suggestion from friends. I honestly never thought I’d keep it up. Am I even supposed to be saying that? I’m extremely happy with how it turned out. It began as one thing and grew into something else. I’m still not 100% satisfied with it, but then again I still have a lot of growing to do. The blog is a direct reflection on me as a person and all of the growing I’ve done over the last year. Everything from art museums, falling in love (with design)The Hunger Games, & waiting for fall. I went through a LOT of unnecessary fonts until I found the perfect one. My ability to attempt interesting pictures and content has gotten better (if I do say so myself). Well, I’m more proud of the content I’ve chosen. I hope to have even better content in the new year, if you’ll keep reading it!

I’ve continued on with school more determined than ever. A couple of set backs (having to dump my sociology course due to project restrictions I just could not meet) and some less than stellar teachers really made me consider what I was even doing. Why am I putting so much time and effort into something when people hired to help & teach me can’t even attempt to do their jobs? Every person I talked to even said, “What are you paying them for if you have to teach yourself?” At first, I took a majority of the blame myself, but after months of the same results, and a plethora of other students in the same boat, I no longer felt like it was my fault. Feeling down and uninspired is, to me, one of the worst feelings in the world. Suddenly, a business professor came along that really made me feel optimistic about all the time and energy I’ve been spending. Is this what would be considered a sophomore slump? On rough days I just think of the words of wisdom she gave me and power through. I learned I’m the person who underestimates myself more than anyone else. I plan to work on that.

I’m happy I tried new things this year. Not everything was positive and happy. There was a lot of drama which I’m choosing to forget now because it’s truly not worth the time and energy I spent on it. Everything happens for a reason, and it helped me to grow while also making me slightly more negative than normal. What? Wednesday Addams was more negative? Yes, it’s true.

Now onto you, 2013. I sincerely hope you are better. I have many things to work on this coming year, so don’t let me down. I can’t wait to see where 2013 takes me. Hopefully in a better direction..I resolve to finally pick a real web browser instead of using two at the same time, write more, quote Girls less, and try to figure out who I am.

Have a great New Years eve everyone. Be safe and healthy in the new year.