The Year in Instagram

This year has been pretty hectic, but there was always time for beautiful moments. Over the course of the year I, much like other people, became obsessed with Instagram. Fortunately for me I wasn’t bothered too much by their decision to change, and change again, their terms of service. Anyway, I was deemed an Instagram ninja by my closest friends. Somehow as soon as we arrived somewhere or began something I instantly had a picture to share. Over the course of the year, and especially while looking for photos for this post, I learned sometimes I’d Instagram anything just to Instagram something. I’m trying harder not to do that. As if that should be any focus of my life. 

Either way, I took a lot of photos and these are some of my favorites. Favorites mostly because they were some life firsts, some beautiful moments, or just exciting adventures. That’s my favorite part of this whole social media medium: sharing moments of my life while also letting others know what they are missing. Also, I can be a little envious of all my friends and their own adventures.



Of course this post is lacking the last week or so in photos.

I had so many great moments in 2012, and I can’t wait to have some more awesome ones in 2013.