Dear Santa, here's my wish list this year.

As a young kid there was nothing more awesome and scary than going to see Santa Claus. All I had to do was stand in a big, long line with a bunch of snot nosed kids, tell Santa what I wanted for Christmas, and get candy with a embarrassing framed portrait in return. I guess this is the one situation, other than Halloween, taking candy from strangers is okay in the eyes of parents everywhere? My aunt always made a huge day of going to see Santa which was probably what made it much more appealing. My aunt was a pretty great lady. Christmas changes as an adult, and it becomes less about gifts. As far as my parents are concerned, kitchen gadgets and home furnishings are normal gifts to give me. To be fair, their policy on gifts has always been “things you need.”

This year I made a wish list just because. Just because there are only so many sets of stemware, plates, and emersion blenders on this planet and others may wonder what to get me. Just kidding, people rarely buy me anything. I really love online browsing. 


1. Laptop Sleeve from Modcloth 2. J. Crew vintage pajama set 3. Charbonnel Champagne Truffles 4. Compendius Coffee Chart 5. Madewell button sweater 6. Tartine Cookbook 7. Jeans 8. Tote Bag 9. Stendig Wall Calendar 10. Williams Sonoma Cooking for Friends Cookbook 11. a new “I actually hold enough music for you to enjoy,” Apple Ipod!

Here’s to hoping some of these beauties end up underneath my tree in a couple weeks! Remember, Christmas isn’t all about gifts. It’s about family and helping others. Also, don’t regift. That just makes you an asshole. It’s supposed to be the thought that counts, remember? If you really must insist on hating someone’s gift, go right ahead. Just don’t give it to me.