Finals Break



Sadly the time is up, and now I must show all of my professors what I have managed to retain over 4 months of class. By retain, I mean cram into my head through memorization days before the test. Actually, I’m really good at studying just not very good at multiple choice tests. I suppose my brain just doesn’t like to cooperate with multiple guesses. 

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. That is if you find stress, excessive coffee consumption, and soaring Scantron profits wonderful. So good luck to everyone taking part in finals over the next couple days. 

Or maybe you’ll find better inspiration with this:

tumblr_mefwmtclNV1r1xpwho1_500I know I did

Thank you to my super great friend who sent me this pick me up multiple times this weekend.

After finals it’s time to get Christmas-y around here!