Day: November 29, 2012

Around the Net…

I haven’t had much time to just hang out on the internet lately. As if that’s a normal activity for anyone to be doing. Despite not having an abundance of internet time (which is probably for the best), I still kept tabs on some pretty cool things happening on the internet lately. I have been diligently working on tons of holiday fair all the while attempting to pretend I have interest in any of my upcoming final exams. I guess that just happens when you are feeling burnt out by school.

So here’s some cool stuff:

Best fonts for holiday invitations from A Subtle Revelry
15 new ways to display holiday lights indoors from Shelterness I wish I could let my lights lay on the ground. Sadly with the combination of puppy + carpet, that would not be a good idea.
Food and Wine has a fantastic guide to homemade foodie gifts
Apartment Therapy has a storyWhere the Wild Things Are┬áparty Only the COOLEST party idea. Sadly as an adult this would probably not be as acceptable…
Also from Apartment Therapy, an Autumn Playlist
I would really enjoy some mulled cranberry apple cider right about now…
Finally, two really great videos:

First, San Francisco with no people

Second, the most ADORABLE red panda. Didn’t know red pandas even existed? Yeah, me either.

Lastly, a song just because: