Day: November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Music

One of my favorite times of year is upon Americans everywhere, Thanksgiving. Although it’s days away, I’m posting this now because it’s about to get a little crazy.

Here’s a playlist I made to accompany my time spent in the kitchen this week prepping the meal to end all meals. What…I’m really excited about my skills. It fits perfectly as backround music for guests or cooking. There are some jazz tunes as well as some classics. It even features a Simon & Garfunkel tune. I seriously cannot bake anything without listening to something Paul Simon related (solo or otherwise).

So, if you’re cooking a meal, just having some guests over, or just relaxing after ingesting far too much, here’s a new playlist.

Let the eating and competitive shopping begin!


  1. You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You – Dean Martin
  2. Blue In Green – Miles Davis
  3. To Be Alone With You – Sufjan Stevens
  4. Let’s Twist Again – Chubby Checker (I’m never sure of the title, but my album says it’s this)
  5. Alone in Kyoto – Air
  6. I Get a Kick Out of You – Frank Sinatra
  7. Thanksgiving Theme – Vince Guaraldi Trio
  8. C’est Lui – Josephine Baker
  9. Chained – the xx
  10. Sound of Silence – Simon & Garfunkel

As always, it’s over on my 8Tracks

Original photo from The Kitchn.