Day: November 12, 2012

Music Monday: Cider Sky

It’s Monday and that means TUNES. Sorry I’m not very creative today. I’m really tried and possibly catching a cold. The weekend of r&r brought some awesome snow to play in. I took full advantage of it and probably caught cold. Well, I also didn’t wear a coat for 20 minutes while helping to defrost the windows. That’s my bad though and well deserving of a karma cold. 

Today’s music Monday is Northern Lights by Cider Sky. I’ve always loved the way this song gives off a perfect in cold weather vibe. It is actually very nice to listen to in times of cold weather. It may come from a Twilight movie soundtrack, but don’t hold that against it. If there’s one thing those movies do right, it’s soundtracks. They are also great when you’re in the mood for comedies. 

Have a good Monday afternoon!