Day: November 9, 2012

Monthly Mix: November

November is here (no need to thank me for being your human calendar), and that means a new playlist. I’ve never made a real monthly mix. Usually there is a terrible theme or cornucopia of songs that should never be thrown together. While there is still a cornucopia of songs, they are songs I’ve been listening to frequently. Missing in action: Gangnam Style! This playlist has more of a fall vibe. It is, after all, the season that fits my personality and musical taste. So expect more playlists this season. I’m really excited I have a little more than a month left of classes. I can’t wait for the unnecessary stress to be gone.

If you’re interested, here’s the listing and link.


Check it out on my 8tracks

I’m going up north this weekend for a well deserved couple days of R&R! Finally… I am so excited. It may actually snow! I haven’t been to the snow since I was at least 5.

Have a good, long weekend and happy listening!