Weekend Snapshots

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared some images from my weekend. Lately my weekends have been anything but boring, and I finally remembered to carry my camera with me places.

Chummies at the 1920's party
A newly invented drink called a chummy. A chummy is a gummy bear soaked in vodka thrown into a glass of champagne
20's party
State Fair 2012
We won a lot of stuffed things

Literally everything including cereal can be fried..
Ferris Wheel 2
Ferris Wheel


The fair is a little different as an adult. We used to go all the time as children and my dad would win us a lot of giant stuffed things. I was apprehensive at first I wouldn’t have any fun, but I truly did. Good thing it only happens once a year. I don’t think I could handle having to do this more than once…

The 1920’s party was probably one of the better themed parties I have been to. Nothing like a bunch of people in their mid-20s drinking bottles of champagne and deciding to film themselves dancing to Gangnam Style..all while dressed up like gangsters and flappers. It was such a great time!