Get Inspired: Halloween (or what I found on the internet related to Halloween)

This is probably one of my dumber post ideas, but on Fridays I like to browse the gigantic black hole known as Pinterest. Could I be doing more productive things with my life? Sure, but there are only so many episodes of The Men Who Built America on demand to watch. Hey, at least it’s educational. Unfortunately my browsing of the halloween section yielded some not very exciting results. I did find some gems so, in an effort to be interesting, I thought I’d share them. Actually my original idea really was not working and I was getting more discouraged and fed up. No one really reads this any way so that part really doesn’t matter.

Pumpkin decorations via Gardenista

All 3 above via Pinterest (really hard to find a true source)

I wish I would have saw this before spending an hour to carve Peeta Mellark… (Modern Pumpkins).

Cutest costume idea for a child Baby Buster and other costumes kids are too young to understand. Another cute idea Vincent Van Gogh.

I dislike candy corn about as much as I dislike Indian Corn, but this Candy Corn on the Cob is a cute idea

I absolutely ADORE Katie and her blog. These ghost piñatas she made over at A Beautiful Mess are adorable.

My “I wish I had something to do on Halloween so I could wear this” costume, Suzy Bishop via College Fashion. Sadly, I couldn’t find a cute enough dress and my Halloween plans weren’t exactly set in stone. Such a bummer…


When I was younger I genuinely loved Halloween. It was kind of a big deal around my house. Sadly now I just spend a lot of time handing out candy eating candy and watching horror movies. Being an 80 year old at heart is really awesome.