I really love lists

While browsing blogs online, which I do more than I should, I ran across this idea: fall goals. I don’t consider them goals. More like suggestions of things I’d like to complete this fall. I also really needed something else to focus on and write about. They include some things I do every fall (ie: pick the perfect fall tunes) and some new ideas I haven’t tried but would like to (ie: go apple picking). I hope to have some progress to share over the next few months. For now I suppose I can’t just explain a couple of these, to make this more interesting.

Go apple picking! Seems so simple, but unfortunately this is not the case. In my research for this idea, the only real possibility of apple picking takes place in a town about 3 hours away. All orchards within city limits host apple picking in August. How unfortunate for fresh apple pie lovers. After suggesting this to my friends, there was a burst of day trip energy, but that is bound to fall short. I guess I’ll just be apple picking at my local Whole Foods this fall. Such a bummer.

Make a pumpkin spice latte at home seems fairly trivial, don’t you think? Well, if I wanted to frighten myself, I could add up how much I spend in pumpkin spice lattes over the fall months. Instead, I thought I’d be up to the challenge. After pumpkin brunch this weekend and seeing how simple the hostess made it seem, I feel fairly confident about this possibility.

Make a new type of pumpkin pie. I could probably make a basic pumpkin pie in my sleep. Not that anyone would ever want me to complete such a task in the first place..but there is a large possibility it would be edible. This indulgent holiday season, I’d like to impress my family (who really wouldn’t care) with a super cool new kind of treat.

For now, I have high hopes for these goals, but only time will tell. Right now, I’ve got a sweet playlist calling my name from Note to Self. A super awesome blog I’m pretty sure you aren’t reading, but should be.

I missed Music Monday yesterday so enjoy some Iron and Wine for this Tuesday evening.