Is it fall yet?…No? Okay.

How many more posts can I make about fall? A large amount. Unfortunately the great state of Arizona still hasn’t quite gotten the memo that fall should be arriving any day now. I, luckily, got to wear sweaters in the morning for about 3 days, but the temperatures quickly took their undeserving spot of 100 or more once again. Huge bummer, right? After months of unflattering summer fashions I was finally looking forward to my cute fall wardrobe. Every other aspect of my life has been been sucked into the black hole of fall, so I went window shopping on the internet.

I know zero about fashion. I don’t pretend to either. My one size too big One Direction shirt is REALLY hip you guys. It’s about as hip as a 15 year old in a Nirvana shirt they got at Forever 21, right? That’s a thing. I’ve seen it. I picked these things because I really enjoyed them. They also look like practically everything else in my closet already, so there’s that.

V Neck

I’m off to a fabulous pumpkin brunch on this Saturday morning. What’s a pumpkin brunch? I’m not quite sure, but I’m expecting more things involving pumpkins than I ever have before. Have a great Saturday!