I'm not really excited about fall or anything

Yesterday was officially the start of FALL! It’s kind of like Christmas to me right now. Arizona doesn’t really understand seasons. We really only have two: really hot and “Why is it cold? I live in Arizona.” I think I’m most excited for cooler temperatures and pumpkin everything. I’ll even take the shorter days right now. How can I say that? I barely fit everything into long days already..

Arizona, unfortunately sticking to it’s love of frighteningly warm weather, decided the first day of fall should be filled with disgusting and unbearable temperatures over 100 degrees. Completely obliterating my celebration of fall. Whomp, whomp, I know.

Since I can’t be quite immersed in fall just yet, I decided at least music is good enough. I made this fall mix a couple years ago and after seeing it laying around in a box, I gave it a listen. I really enjoy it especially the fall it brings me back to. I guess it really served it’s purpose. It’s perfect for, like I’ve written half a million times this morning, wishful fall thinking, a day with crisp, cool wether, or just relaxing with a nice cup of tea (or pumpkin coffee).


So enjoy it here: 8tracks