Gig posters are cool…

I always hear people say how much music is a huge part of their life. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone disagree with that statement. Not even my sister, who loves to play Call Me Maybe loudly in her car. One thing that goes hand in hand are live shows and gig posters. Gig posters have always been pretty awesome to have. Granted now they are less advertisements and more art. I don’t expect to find any awesome gig posters just laying in a puddle somewhere. That would be a terrible travesty. My favorite gig poster I have is from Bon Iver (who’s shocked?). One we literally ran across the venue to get and got the last one.

I love these ones as well, even if I find it a bit odd to have a gig poster for a show I never even went to.

This last She & Him one is absolutely adorable. Say what you want about Zooey…I don’t care. She’s great.

Well, I’ve got about 75 French terms that aren’t going to learn themselves. Just kidding, I’m kind of great at languages. I never quite know how to end these posts, so I just decided to go with egotistical statements that could be true?

Nevermind, have a song:

How much do I love this song by The Shins? There aren’t even words for it.

Photo Credits: Gig Posters and Google Images