I'm obsessed…with procrastination

Procrastination: it’s kind of my thing (lately). There comes a time when I, like most others, get so frustrated and bored with studying that I need a break. Sadly, my break recently began with Pinterest..then grew to practically every blog, tag, or website I could think of. One click lead to another..and then another. Everyone knows how nerdy I am, and minutes turned into a gigantic nerding out session that lasted hours. Here are some of my favorite things:

Aztec Hot Chocolate, yum

Take al these chairs..and give them to me.

I am in love with these photos. Give me a summery Parisian picnic with watermelon..please

I want all of these rooms

I wish I could own these Orla Kiely dresses…all of them. 

Eames! Eames! Eames! I just want to live in this house…

Ugh! I wish I could just have all of those rooms. I’m am obsessed with painting with chalkboard paint. It’s something I love even if chalk dust is a bitch to deal with. I’m thinking of a DIY chalkboard calendar, but who knows.

This was a fun little escape, but alas, I have to actually get back to work. New math concepts aren’t going to just settle into my brain by themselves. How magical would that be? Well, and if my professor actually taught like a teacher…but I digress.

Photo credits: A Beautiful Mess|Pinterest|Kinfolk|Orla Kiely|Remodelista|Dwell.