Hey, I took some pictures.

As I think I’ve mentioned a million times before (I have a knack for doing that) I love taking random pictures. I’m not very good at taking pictures of people. They always seem to hate how they look or I hate how I look, so I just rarely bother. I thought I’d take some time to share some photos I’ve taken as of late.

Rain please...
I'm a terrible wedding photographer
Brook + Tripp's wedding
Table 8 is great
Brook + her dad
Sad flowers
Birdseed heart
How old are we?
Sushi 1
Cat Painting
Full Moon

In order of appearance: Wishing for rain/My friend Brook got married!/Dying Flowers..the sad rose was from her bouquet/What used to be a birdseed heart until it was lost in my bag/Justin Bieber + The Hunger Games = living like a 14 year old one night/Sushi time. They have the best lanterns/Ice tea is my jam/My new favorite low key bar/Rachael’s favorite cat painting in the whole world/The full moon

One thing I have learned is I’m not a very good wedding photographer. Well that, I forgot the action setting, and of course the adult beverages being consumed. All three don’t really mix. I’m glad there was a professional there to handle the actual job.

TGIW..thank goodness it’s (almost) Wednesday. Does anyone say that?