Is it fall yet?

Mid-way through every season I’m constantly wishing the next one was here. This happens more than normal during the summer. I can’t wait for normal temperatures, sweaters, and pumpkin everything. I practically live off of pumpkin for 3 months. Lately, like many other people, I spend time just browsing Pinterest. I found a ton (literally a TON) of beautiful pieces of inspiration for fall.

I’m not exactly sure how the last one fits in with fall, but Lauren Conrad says it’s from her fall collection so I went with it and I’m kind of loving her outfit.

One|Two|Three|Four| Unknown | Five| Six|Seven

Fall, please don’t wait too long to arrive. I’m tired of summer! I really want to make some rosemary apple butter!

I’ll be dreaming of fall and waiting for the rain to come. Have a great weekend!