More Essentials: Back to School

One of my least favorite things when I was younger was back to school shopping. Not only did back to school shopping mean I had to actually go back to school, it also meant I had to be thrust into the chaotic decision of school supplies. Every year there would be hip and trendy supplies every kid HAD TO HAVE or they could be considered uncool and subjected to lusting over friends who did have them. Sounds silly right? My entire elementary school career involved Lisa Frank, pens with feathers on top, and the 96 pack of Crayola crayons with the built in sharpener. I couldn’t even name all of the colors included in the box, but I knew 8 crayons just wouldn’t cut it. Does anyone even know why Trapper-Keepers were outlawed? As I got older, school supplies became less and less important. If a pen wrote on paper, it was sufficient enough for me. Now shopping for school supplies is a complete bore, but it must be done. It’s hard to even tell what I will need. How many notebooks do I have left over with one page written in them? Many. Good thing I’m great at doodling and scratching down ideas in a hurry. They eventually get used.

So naturally, I made a cute little list of supplies I wish I actually had. Not that my Hunger Games notebook isn’t absoulutely the greatest notebook of all time. Hey it was a gift! I can’t refuse it’s use!

1 +2: I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Sure, I’ll wear the occasional dress too. If anyone wants to get me this shirt, I’d be stoked. Shirt and “Jeggings”  To be fair, I don’t believe Jeggings should even be a thing but, they looked better in this case.

3: There is a lot of walking and one thing I will never understand is heels on campus. This isn’t work, a bar, or a movie premiere. Sneakers are highly acceptable. Personally, I’d rock these All Star Flag Chuck Taylors’ until they didn’t resemble shoes anymore.

4: I for one, haven’t loved backpacks since I was in 9th grade. My Jansport backpack was my stable. I bought a colored one every couple of years. Much to my disappointment none of them were red. I am in LOVE with this Endless Bummer tote bag by Field Guided. I want it!

5: I was eyeing this coffee notebook at Urban Outfitters for quite awhile, but now it’s no longer available. Such a bummer…but I can still get a sweet camera pencil sharpener.

6: As Arizona weather cools down, taking coffee with me to class becomes a necessity. I found this travel mug from Target. It’s definitely much simpler and cuter than mine.

7: Music is essential to my life as everyone already knows. Fall usually means lots of new tunes for me to check out. Currently I’m listening to Fragrant World by Yeasayer. Despite what Pitchfork said, I’m into it.

One thing not pictured is snacks. I rarely end up eating meals other than dinner. I typically eat pounds and pounds of granola and granola bars. Maybe I should try these homemade granola recipes from A Beautiful Mess?!

Is there anything I am missing?! All in all school is a pretty nerve wracking experience and having a cool outfit or a few cool supplies makes me feel much better!