My Essentials: Weddings

Well, the end of summer is almost here and the time has arrived to attend my friend’s wedding this weekend. The very first of my friends to get married! How exciting! I’m very happy for her. I just hope I can take lots of pictures of our weekend adventures.

Here are some things that will be essential to my wedding guest wardrobe this weekend!

1. A cute dress for summertime  Now mine isn’t as cute as this Luck Be a Lady dress in Beach from Modcloth, but it’s still bright and cheerful. It will survive the extreme weather we’ve been having lately just fine too.

2. A cute sweater  What? How dare I even suggest a sweater with 100 degree temperatures, right? Well, I’m not exactly sure what the venue of the actual ceremony is, and my parents have always taught me to be a lady and have a sweater for any situation that can arise. Who knows, it might actually rain like forecasted or the reception may be chilly. Who knows? It’s definitely not proper to wear white, but honestly a black jacket would be horrid in heat + humidity, right? So, this Breezeway to go Cardigan from Modcloth would be ideal.

3. Comfortable footwear  I’m as clumsy as they come and heels just aren’t my thing. Ever see that girl stumbling along and you think she’s drunk? Yep, that’s me. Instead, I chose appropriate flats. Typically ballet flats, like these from Bait Footwear. Hey, not all of us can be born in heels (or trained) like celebrities, right?

4. A hair clip  With the heat and humidity, I love hair clips. Now I’m not exactly sure this flower hair bow from ASOS/a> would fit with the dress I posted earlier, but it was fit most definitely with my dress for this wedding!

5. Ray-Ban Wayfarers are my go to sunglasses. They are the only glasses that fit my face. I am obsessed with them.

6. Tinted lip balm  I typically don’t wear lipstick. It gets messy, melts, and gets all over the place. Pictured: Revlon Lip Butter in sugar frosting.

7. A cute phone case  Cell phones are obviously inappropriate for the ceremony, but afterwards should be fine. They might as well have a cute home like these by Jemma Correll are some of my favorites. Sadly I don’t think the one pictured isn’t for sale anymore, bummer. I’m not a big fan of bags or purses. I hate carrying things. Thank goodness my dress has chic pockets!

Am I missing anything important for my friends big day? Don’t say alcohol. I’m sure that will be flowing like a fountain in a shopping mall. Errrrrr, that was the worst description for anything ever. 


HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND! Check back tomorrow for a very special playlist I made for the bride and groom!