My Essentials

Inspired by a new blog I discovered on my time away I’ve decided to share some of my everyday essentials. How could I discover a blog on my time away from the internet? Well, a mobile device naturally. Hooray technology! Back to the real stuff. I’ve share some of my summer essentials before.

1. Style Icon: Jennifer Lawrence  I wish my style seemed as effortless as Jennifer’s is. Where she “forgets the airport isn’t a runway” (true quote from Tumblr), I end up looking like a frumpy girl on laundry day.

2. Reading material: Nylon or Real Simple  Typically while waiting in line at the grocery store, a magazine with delicious food will catch my eye like this recent cover of Real Simple. No celebrity rags for this gal.

3. Snack food: Chips + Salsa or Guacamole  The avocado is one of my new favorite snacks. I’ll find any excuse to eat something with avocados. I can’t wait to try avocado on toast. When my supply of delicious avocados is depleted, I turn to the trusty chips + salsa combo. There are so many different salsas around these days. I can’t wait to try the strawberry salsa pictured above.

4. Always in my purse: Burt’s Bees  Even if carrying around a Bonne Bell raspberry lip balm maybe acceptable for a 25 year old girl, I have moved on. Trust me, that trust purple tube of delicious smelling lip balm was quite a staple in my purse till at least age 21. Until a tube accidentily rolled out of my purse and hid out in my car until it was a melted mess on the floor…

5. Favorite scent: Coconut!  A couple summers ago, my sister had this great coconut/lime smelling perfume. Our hallway constantly smelled of the stuff. Now, during the summer, I can’t get enough of it! Candles, suntan lotion, body spray, and even the bottled water. Yum!

6. Favorite drink: Coca-Cola  I know, I know. It’s terrible for me. It’s like drinking 18 tablespoons of sugar or something. At least that’s what I hear daily. I must have funded an entire Olympic team this summer. Now to be fair, I drink a lot of water as well, but sometimes I need a little something extra.

There they are. Some of my favorite daily essentials. I’ve been catching up on so many things today that I’ve been putting off. I can’t believe fall semester begins in a couple weeks!

Xo, Nicole

Image credits: Jennifer Lawrence, Strawberry Salsa via Everyday Emma, Others.