Obsessing over: Summer! I am still in a love affair with summer. Okay, so maybe it might be like living in the middle of the Sahara every day, but that means it’s perfect weather for pool parties and Popsicles!

Working on: Custom desktop icons! Desktop icons get d really fast. The same generic, sometimes poorly designed, icons are boring to look at day in and day out. One of my favorite bloggers/graphic designers recently shared what her icons look like and I was immediately inspired to borrow that idea. So, I made some of my own. I’m not a graphic designer by any means but I love how they turned out. They are definitely more me than the old ones! It’s surprisingly easy to do!

Thinking about: My growing to-do list. There is nothing worse than a never ending to-do list for someone like myself. I live off of lists. I have a list for everything, but thanks to Bravo and “Retro MTV” I’ve gotten zero things done! I barely watch television. It’s usually noise in the back of my daily life. Maybe I should finally give my television the big goodbye.

Anticipating: My BFF date tonight! I haven’t seen my BFF in weeks and it feels like forever. I’m pretty excited for our weekend adventures. I’m also excited to catch up on some summer movies! Magic Mike, anyone? No but seriously how about that Spiderman!

Listening to: I’ve been listening to 3 playlists on and off for a couple weeks now. It’s rare I don’t listen to albums straight through, but with some many good mixes on 8tracks, how could I not make some myself?

Eating: Popsicles! I used to love making Popsicles when I was younger. I even wanted to try fruit juice firecrackers by Martha Stewart. Sadly, I ended up just buying an entire summer’s worth of Popsicle brand firecrackers and tropical flavored pops instead. What? They were on sale. How could I resist such a deal? At least I won’t have a freezer full of grape flavored pops at the end of the summer…(that has happened before)

Wishing: I’m still wishing and hoping my Internet starts working at normal speed again. I miss blogging so much. No offense to my trusty WordPress app, but typing on a keyboard is much simpler. I can’t believe I am considering switching back to blogger. It almost seems more reliable and fun these days. I also would really appreciate a nice monsoon storm. It’s July! These should be happening regularly by now! Every night I am teased by giant, puffy marshmallow thunderheads, and always let down. Get it together, Arizona!

Have a good weekend! I hope to be back to normal blogging soon.