Happy Father's Day

Well Father’s Day has arrived. My dad casually forgets this day happens every year until we bring it to his attention. So, I’m writing him a really blog post since he refuses gifts of any kind. I’m using the footage not found image from Arrested Development as my father has a natural hatred of film and no good pictures currently exist of him that he would want on the internet.

Things I learned from my dad:

  • Be a leader not a follower
  • Time out lasts as long as he wants or until the corners of the room start spinning
  • Disneyland is the coolest place on the planet. Never forget that no matter how old I get
  • Be hardworking and determined. It will pay off even if it doesn’t seem like it.
  • Be proud of who I am, what I have, and where I’ve come from
  • Finding the must have toy at Christmas is a labor of love while also being a complete nightmare. Thanks for the life sized Barbie, Dad!
  • Be kind even when people aren’t necessarily kind to me
  • Tommy’s has the best chili in California and is entirely acceptable to eat for breakfast
  • Always buy a ton of his favorite foods from his favorite Italian deli in California and bring them home to Arizona.
  • Don’t put brown sugar in the pasta sauce or any food where it is not required (This is sounds weird. It’s a family thing)
  • Stay calm and learn how to change a tire. It may be useful in the middle of the night.
  • Dad Soda (aka beer) is delicious
  • Never forget your lunch. You’ll get called into the principal’s office for the most awkward meeting imaginable.
  • Always make short-term realistic goals. It doesn’t make sense to fret over things too large to achieve and I’ll never own a jet plane.
  • Movie theaters are dirty (but I still go even if he doesn’t)
  • Do the best I can. It’s all I can do and they will be proud either way as long as I applied myself
  • Watch whatever I want on television even if I’m not allowed to. Mom’s not home. She won’t know.
  • Classic rock music is the coolest
  • Just admit I was the one who wanted to go on Jungle Cruise at Disneyland so he doesn’t lose his cool dad sensibility.
  • Be a logical thinker
  • Be myself

Well Dad, you’ve taught me some really awesome things in life. Don’t worry. You may feel like you haven’t done all the right things for us while we were growing up, but you were still pretty cool none the less. That was the most important lesson you taught us: try as hard as you can even if the results aren’t exactly what we pictured.

I love you, Dad!

xo, Nicole (greatest daughter of the century)


PS: Please take us to Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure. I promise to be only slightly less embarrassing than I was on King Arthur’s Carousel last time. I’m still disappointed you didn’t wave at me while I screamed “DAD!” You like real cars…this is car themed. It’s a perfect fit. Just think about it so we can plan family park challenges and start mapping out all frozen lemonade stands across the park. Trust me, it will save you all the precious time you typically use hunting them down for me!