I make lists on Tuesdays.

Forgive the blurry picture of my Christmas party nail art. I thought I had a much better image but my search turned up no results. The original idea for this TFT was given to me by Stacey, but her idea was much better and more elaborate. I just ran out of time in the chaos that life has become lately. Yes, I organize when things start to get out of my control. Instead, I’m just going to borrow 50% of her idea and share some of my favorite pieces of nail art.

Nail art really bothered me at first but maybe I was just jealous of peoples patience. Once I decided to give it a try I realized how fun and time consuming it actually is. Doing my own nails in one solid color or even my go-to two color French manicure is already frustrating and now I was considering adding art to it. I’m artistic, sure, but not when it comes to the tiny, tiny surfaces of my nails. Kudos to those who actually have the talent to complete these all while actually giving them the time to dry.

One of my favorite nail and color combinations is black and white. My nails are typically either black, white or mint. These black and white nails from We Love Make My Day Tumblr. The black heart on the white background is my favorite of the set. If only I had the patience. Have I mentioned the patience enough?!

I saw these nails while browsing the internet a couple of months ago. I couldn’t go without mentioning them. Check them out + a tutorial over at the Nylon Blog.

The Beauty Department is one of my favorite places for manicure ideas. Well, for looking anyway. I never seem to have the exact materials needed to complete a full look and I absolutely hate heading to the local drug store for random supplies. One of the latest ones the lovely ladies over there posted was for Ombre nails. From what I see on Pinterest, this is cool, hip thing to do. Check out their step-by-step photo tutorial, here.

Mustaches are everywhere. Straws, sunglasses, flasks, and obviously the most unlikely place, men’s faces. How could would it be to have them on your nails? For me, it would be pretty darn awesome. Sadly I lost the tutorial for this. Bummer! here is a picture of some fantastic ones from the Hello Giggles Instagram.

I saw these nails all over the place and couldn’t wait to try them. Again, I never got around to it. It would be really awesome to carry pages of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times on my nails. Don’t make fun of me. Yes, I do actually read both of those every chance I get or online every day. There is a pretty sweet tutorial for them as well.

I had no idea these even existed until I was browsing Pinterest this morning. Sadly for most people who create things that get pinned to Pinterest, the original sourcing gets lost in the shuffle. Check it out here, on Tumblr.

Another fantastic tutorial from The Beauty Department is their plaid nails. I love anything plaid. Everyone knows that. I am so amped to try this. It seems so simple with the tape. Too bad last time I attempted a manicure cheating with tape, it was a disaster. All the pieces were different sizes but it lasted for a really long time. Practice makes perfect in this situation, I suppose, or just better quality scissors.

I continue to see these galactic nails while browsing around. As space fascinates me and I love pictures of galaxies, I must attempt this at some point. Good thing, Cute Nails has a tutorial for it!
FYI nail art junkies, Cute Nails has a million and a half tutorials for all things you could possibly ever need or want to paint on your tiny canvases. Watch a version of galaxy themed nails here.

Say what you want about Zooey Deschanel. Everyone is free to have their own opinions, and I won’t listen to them. I absolutely love Zooey. She’s pretty much anything I could ever aspire to be and, as Nicholas Cage played by Andy Samberg would say, that’s high praise. She has some of the best nails around. Granted, she has someone to do them for her. I have no doubts about that. Here are some of my all time favorite Zooey nails: tuxedo nails, Courier font nails, and BEATLES nails! I once attempted to take my favorite font family and create stencils for a manicure similar to her Courier one she shared. Seriously, it’s really hard to make stencils that small.

This manicure, again from The Beauty Department, is one of my all time favorites! I am obsessed with the color mint. It’s my go-to spring/summer nail color. I hate to admit I tried this and grew extremely frustrated when my bows were not perfect. Yes, I actually achieved a bow! I felt quite accomplished but my obsessive need to strive for perfection (I know, it doesn’t exist), led me to be unhappy with those results. I just might try it again someday, but for now an older tutorial on their site has caught my eye and I can’t wait to try it. The image above (borrowed from their website) shows you the steps, but here is the full tutorial.

What do you think of nail art? Have you seen any really cool designs?

Oh before I forget, here is the tutorial for my Christmas party nails (pictured above) from The Beauty Department.