Another photo app is exactly what I need in my life. (Except not really)

Yesterday while making my weekly visit to the app store, I noticed their editors pick was a new app called Camera made by Facebook. Anyone who knows me, knows I will absolutely defend Facebook in any argument and I usually win. I’m a walking Facebook saleswoman/company profile. I know more facts and figures than anyone who isn’t working there should know. One thing I can’t defend though is this app.

In a world where there a million camera apps, I didn’t need another one. I really don’t. I already have 7. Trust me, they are great for combining and getting many different results. That said, I decided to give this one a try. It’s main purpose is to share photos with my Facebook friends in a simpler way. “Oh great, all those minutes I spent skimming my Facebook mobile app timeline looking for photos is no longer a huge struggle! There’s just too many status updates!”  said no one ever. Facebook’s new mobile app interface has a serious issue with photos. It stretches out the look of the app while making it extremely sad to look at for longer than 2 minutes. 2 minutes is really pushing it. So, if you’re only looking for photos on Facebook, this is great for you.

Here is the interface for the Camera app. It’s simple to use and even has filters. It’s not surprising it has filters and effects. Every camera app now has some. Here are my problems with the app: to retrieve any of the photos already in my camera roll, I must enable location settings for this app. How is that a problem? Well Facebook, there is no need to have my exact geographical coordinates when I took a picture of a flower or my new shoes. Also, no one else on Facebook really needs to know that either. It also let’s you turn on my location again when I’ve repeatedly turned that option off which I’m getting really tired of doing all the time.

The picture I took a couple days ago turned out great. I really enjoy how it looks. Would I use the app again? Probably not. Unless I really wanted to share a photo quickly and easily with my Facebook friends. With Facebook’s purchase of Instagram I really don’t understand why this app was necessary to make. Instagram probably wanted to remain it’s own entity while Facebook can profit off it’s data, popularity, and simple integration to it’s already established social network. I’d much rather use Instagram than this app. Even with Instagram’s new “like” spammers/commenters and million pictures of One Direction on the popular page. Heck, I’d rather use any camera app before I used this one again. Facebook is reportedly working on it’s own smartphone. (Read about that here.) As much as I’m usually the only Facebook cheerleader in a group of many, I doubt I would ever buy a Facebook smart phone. What is it going to do? Record my sensitive calls where I might mention my obsession with Coca-Cola so they can sell it to make a commercial someday? Now I’m not being any better than the 50 or so people in everyone’s feeds who complains about the new layout for hours. If I don’t like it, I just don’t use the feature. I guess I should take my own advice on this one. Facebook, I get it. Your trying to make our online lives as swift, smooth and all inclusive as possible. How about trying to make things a little less invasive for those of us who really, despite having a blog, would like to keep a little mystery in our lives?

If anyone is interested, Camera by Facebook is available right now in the Apple app store for free. If you try it, let me know what you think of it!